hey, i'm queen riddle.
i'm 20 years old
majoring in writing, minoring in spanish and philosophy

i have a job freelancing for my local newspaper.
it pays well and i love the job
doesn't feel like work to me
my goal is to have a novel published, though

i'm a bit crazy, and a little full of myself, and probably shallow.
and i like it that way

my interests consist of writing, reading, parties, vodka, and opiates.
i like to waste time with the former interests
i have trouble finding motivation unless i am getting paid.

i have an amazing boyfriend who i have been with for almost two years.
he's perfect. <3

if you are here to insult me, you are really wasting your time.
you aren't going to bother me or hurt my feelings.

yes, my eyes are real, before you ask