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Hi! My name's Halle. I'm 21 and living in the Caribbean. I major in Information Technology and I LOVE to draw and write. Hit me up if you want to RP with me or invite me to your RP!


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mesocyclones Report | 06/28/2018 10:46 pm
mesocyclones Report | 06/28/2018 12:20 pm

im OK im trying me best rn college is a** my dude oh my god help
mesocyclones Report | 06/28/2018 9:45 am
mesocyclones Report | 06/26/2018 7:54 pm
Evanescent Shadow Report | 01/21/2018 11:35 pm
Evanescent Shadow
To comment to your status about a bedtime...

if you have a job or anything important or at least satisfactory to do, you'll have a bed time.
Being an adult just means you have to be responsible to make yourself go to bed at that time
and wake up at the time you're supposed to. Adulting sucks.
mesocyclones Report | 08/02/2017 9:42 am
rachel and i, who i think i've mentioned to you before long ago, just opened one together. i needed an outlet so i was like ya sure. plus i've been writing little stories by myself for a while, so i've been missing writing with other people. nostalgia is reAL tho. i was looking at all of the old rps i used to be in when i was an awful, dramatic writer and ours made me cringe but i also loved the memories at the same time dnjdndk

YES omg i remember constantly talking about meteorology when we talked a bunch!!! i've been focused on it for so long and i'm actually attending the top meteorology school in the country so it's,,, lit tbh. i love it so far even tho it's hella stressful and i have to take four years worth of calculus + other maths. (which i'm bad at) ALSO WOW your colleges must be strict??? we don't get kicked out for failing an exam, we just try until we pass or have to change our career focus. wtf, well i hope you at least enjoy waitressing a little.

i play on pc!! i'm mainly a pc gamer, i HATE console! MERCY IS MY 2ND MAIN i love her so much and it's easy to play her bc NOBODY EVER WANTS TO PLAY HEALER, i'm a plat division player in comp but my aim is garbage too so don't feel bad, i win thru sick dva ults and duoqueue. i actually won the game in a giveaway so i got suuuuuuper lucky.

mesocyclones Report | 07/26/2017 8:26 pm
twitter is fun just bc im into fandom stuff and its super casual, but i don't rly rely on it. totally worth pickin up social media tho!!

also no i havent rped in like a year bc i got so busy w/ college and lost interest but now i might actually be interested again idk, i'm looking into it.
i'm studying meteorology in college rn so it is literal hell to go thru and every day i feel satan's sword stab me in the throat but nbd, i love meteorology.
ANYWAY when i'm not dying in college or on twitter i'm pc gaming and romancing dva on overwatch, which i am unhealthily addicted to.
mesocyclones Report | 07/26/2017 8:10 pm
i drop off of the face of the earth and come back sometimes B)

plus college tbh, and i'm usually just hanging out on twitter nowadays
mesocyclones Report | 07/26/2017 7:50 pm
Cykx Report | 07/15/2017 8:51 am
damn, thats unfortunate but do what you gotta do haha your time will come

i have no choice but to grow you feel me? lol youre 20 as well?

hmm im not sure. im a lot more quiet now. i observe more often than not, studying people to see if theyre genuinely good people i can vibe with.
idk if girls find that cute or anything, hasnt seemed like it yet.
but yeah, you should go out more often, i mean its pretty much all we have

i transport vips and drugs


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Halle || 21 || Overwatch whore || Follow me on Twitter ! ♥


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