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50 Things About Me

1.) My name is Stephanie
2.) I am 18 years old
3.) I've been on Gaia for about 7 years
4.) I was previously know as o - Maco - o
5.) I am going into Nursing
6.) I am joining the ROTC program at my College
7.) I work multiple jobs
8.) A word used to often describe me is cute
9.) Followed by "Kinda Annoying..."
10.) My hair is brown-gold, my eyes are moss green.
11.) My favorite color is beige
12.) I am a shopaholic
13.) 13 is my favorite number
14.) My favorite movie is Moonrise Kingdom
15.) I am a picky eater
16.) I love to be surrounded in name brands
17.) I like looking like someone someone would want to be
18.) I'm an avid texter
19.) My favorite song is Dancing on TV, by Bad Veins
20.) I'm happy
21.) I love to wear skinny jeans
22.) I've walked on my toes since I was 3 1/2 years old.
23.) I ride English Style... horses, that is.
24.) I want to live abroad someday, maybe England or Ireland
25.) I hate being cold
26.) I taught myself to be a greater me
27.) I work at American Eagle
28.) I am a Freshman in College
29.) I am orginized
30.) I love to read
31.) I love to write
32.) I love to draw
33.) My mother died when I was 14 of Breast Cancer
34.) I have a Step Mother and Two Step Sisters
35.) I think I'm running out of things to say
36.) I can't eat Oranges
37.) My favorite food... is... Orange Chicken from Lee Ann Chin
38.) Lee Ann Chin's is a Minnesota based Asian Restraunt
39.) I love wearing heels
40.) I often joke about stealing Asian Babies. They're so cute <3
41.) I love to meet new people
42.) I can't live without makeup
43.) My Hair is Super Straight
44.) I have odd dreams
45.) I sing and dance when I'm alone
46.) I love to Run
47.) I have a Golden Retriever named JD
48.) JD stands for Just Dog, John Dorian, Jack Daniels, or any other combination of a J and a D word
49.) I do not believe in womans rights
50.) I love to listen to Indy, Alternative music

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Some Soup Report | 07/31/2012 8:44 am
Some Soup
x3 Congrats!! I'm getting ready to -leave- college. This is hopefully going to be my last two semesters here. I'm trying to make a bit of a comeback to gaia, for roleplaying purposes... and gonna work on revamping the guild a bit. I have someone helping me out with hashing out ideas... And you're more than welcome to get in on that if you'd like. x3 We need members, too!
Aahhh, it's so good to hear from you again. :3
Some Soup Report | 07/27/2012 7:09 am
Some Soup
Simply a greeting. :3 Tis I! Puppy-chan! I changed my name again. Ehe. How are you??
Some Soup Report | 06/13/2012 8:22 am
Some Soup
Fuzzy Machine Guns Report | 06/29/2011 8:08 pm
Fuzzy Machine Guns
lmfaoooo you're right! xD
i didn't even intend that
Fuzzy Machine Guns Report | 06/29/2011 6:39 pm
Fuzzy Machine Guns
avi-on-avi o:
it was joke lol
im just saying draw my avi however you want
> w >
Fuzzy Machine Guns Report | 06/29/2011 6:36 pm
Fuzzy Machine Guns
idk that's up to you.
you can draw two of my avi's making out if yyou want
idc :b
Fuzzy Machine Guns Report | 06/29/2011 6:31 pm
Fuzzy Machine Guns
you could always draw my avi s'more c:
(PS: yer pretty :u )
morphomega Report | 06/27/2011 4:06 pm
cool avi
Fuzzy Machine Guns Report | 06/26/2011 9:56 pm
Fuzzy Machine Guns
-realizes he misread-

my friend named her bike Megan Fox, so we can make obscure references to "riding" Megan Fox biggrin
Fuzzy Machine Guns Report | 06/26/2011 9:49 pm
Fuzzy Machine Guns
lmfaoo xDD

also, i have to ask.
are you *really* a prostitute? ;o


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