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Name: Queen Beryl

Alignment: Dark Kingdom

Species: Humanoid

Gender: Female

Associates: Queen Metalia, the sh*tennou, Prince Endymion; Mio Kuroki (PGSM only); the Amazon Trio, the Sailor Animamates, Sailor Galaxia (musicals only)

Aliases: Super Beryl, Phantom of the Music Hall (musicals only)

Anime Background: n the anime, Queen Beryl first rose to prominence on Earth during the era of the Silver Millennium. A powerful sorceress loyal to Queen Metalia, she turned a large percentage of Earth's native population against their neighbors on the Moon. Eventually she assembled an army, led by the sh*tennou, which staged a surprise attack on the Moon Kingdom.
Despite Prince Endymion's attempts to warn them, the Moon Kingdom was devastated by the attack, which led to the deaths of Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, Princess Serenity, and Endymion himself. The advance was only halted when Queen Serenity, at the cost of her own life, used the Silver Crystal to destroy the advancing armies and seal Metalia away. Beryl and her sh*tennou perished in this retaliation.
While Princess Serenity and her guardians were sent into Earth's future to be reincarnated, Metalia's seal was eventually broken, and her followers were reincarnated as well. Now confined to a cavernous base at D Point in the Arctic, Queen Beryl took up command once more while Metalia slumbered. She ordered the sh*tennou to determine the current whereabouts of the Silver Crystal and to collect energy from humans that could be transferred to Metalia, with the goal of eventually reviving her from her sleep. These operations eventually led to the awakening of the Sailor Senshi, who were soon the only obstacle between Beryl and world domination.
Despite her attempts and her generals' work, Beryl kept losing to the Senshi. However, Beryl did manage to take a prize during her war: Endymion, who was reincarnated as Mamoru Chiba, and had helped Sailor Moon fight in his guise as Tuxedo Mask. She brainwashed him and proceeded to implement her plan to cover the Sun with sunspots, plunging the world into darkness and amplifying Metalia's power just enough that she could take the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon.
The Senshi eventually found the enemy's location, and after they dispatched Kunzite, Beryl decided to get rid of them once and for all. As they approached her headquarters, she sent the DD Girls to kill them. Only Sailor Moon survived the onslaught, and Beryl brought Sailor Moon into her throne room, intending to have the Senshi meet her death in a sadistic, ironic way: at the hands of Endymion, who had been her lover in the past life.
However, Sailor Moon managed to free Endymion from his brainwashing, and Beryl's attempt to kill the Senshi backfired, leaving Endymion dead and her mortally wounded. Desperate to get help, Beryl went to Metalia to get more power, only to be absorbed by Metalia to form the entity called Super Beryl.
As she started to destroy the world, she was confronted again by Sailor Moon, who transformed into Princess Serenity and did battle with her. At first, Super Beryl seemed to be winning because Princess Serenity was uncertain about using the Silver Crystal's power. However, after she thought of her friends, their spirits appeared to help her in the battle, and Princess Serenity created an attack so powerful that it destroyed Super Beryl, cleansed the Earth, and granted her last wish: for the Senshi to become normal people. After that, Queen Beryl was no more.

Manga Background: In the manga, like her anime counterpart, Beryl was an Earth sorceress who hated the people of the Moon, as she had an unrequited love for Prince Endymion and hated Princess Serenity for being his lover. She was granted powers by the evil entity Queen Metalia, who had descended to Earth from the Sun when it detected the malice in Beryl's heart, hoping to use her to obtain the Silver Crystal and conquer the Earth. With these powers granted by Metalia, Beryl managed to turn Endymion's subjects, including the sh*tennou, against him.
The most significant difference between the anime and manga was the manner in which Queen Beryl was defeated in the past. Rather than being sealed away by Queen Serenity when Metalia killed the Sailor Senshi, Princess, and Prince, she herself was the one who killed Prince Endymion after he rejected her. Beryl killed him as he was protecting Serenity, in front of the Princess' eyes; seeing this left her so distraught that she took her own life in response. When Sailor Venus saw this she slew Beryl with the Holy Blade, but it was too late to win the battle.
When Queen Serenity unleashed the power of the Silver Crystal against Metalia, she was so upset that she was unable to seal the entity completely away. This allowed the evil entity to reawaken Beryl and her underlings as her servants in the next life. Beryl was reincarnated as a normal woman who, while in the Arctic Circle, discovered the ruins of the Dark Kingdom at D Point and there reawakened Metalia. Metalia returned Beryl's memories, then helped her to reawaken the sh*tennou. They began to gather energy for Metalia and Beryl sent out her underlings to search for the Silver Crystal, in hopes that she could become the Queen of Earth with Prince Endymion at her side.

PGSM: In the live-action series, as in the manga, Beryl sent the sh*tennou to collect energy for Metalia, find the Princess, and obtain the Silver Crystal. Beryl had problems, however: Jadeite and Nephrite were rivals for her affections; Zoisite was more loyal to Prince Endymion than to her; and Kunzite had set his sights on taking Queen Metalia's power for himself. At one point, Beryl created a shadow of herself, Mio Kuroki, whom she sent to Earth to torment Usagi.
When she learned that Mamoru Chiba was Endymion, Beryl forced him to come with her by threatening the lives of the sh*tennou, and forced Nephrite to kill himself as an example. Once she had him in the Dark Kingdom, Beryl had Jadeite implant a cursed stone in Mamoru's body that drained his life whenever he thought about Usagi.
Queen Metalia gained too much power too quickly, and Beryl lost control. Endymion took Metalia's power and sealed it within himself, but it eventually took him over. After Sailor Moon was forced to kill Metalia Endymion and lost control, she became Princess Sailor Moon and destroyed the planet and the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl died as her castle crumbled around her, but was not alone, as Jadeite stayed by her side even after being released from her control.

Musicals: n the musicals, Queen Beryl was played by Yuri Nishina and Akiko Miyazawa. When she first appeared in Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen and its revision, Queen Beryl's personality and backstory were similar to the anime, but in her later appearances, she was much more similar to her manga counterpart.
Beryl at first sought for revenge after her fall at D Point and revived the sh*tennou to help her, only to be defeated by Moon Princess Halation. When she appeared again in Eien Densetsu she was revived by Sailor Galaxia (similar to Queen Nehellenia's revival in the anime). She appeared once again in Shin Densetsu Kourin, this time alongside the Amazon Trio. In Starlights - Ryuusei Densetsu she once more appeared with the original sh*tennou, and then with a new group of sh*tennou in Kakyuu-Ouhi Kourin - The Second Stage Final.

First Anime Appearance: Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation

First Manga Appearance: Act 2 Ami - Sailor Mercury

First PGSM Appearance: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!

Actors: Keiko Han (anime), Aya Sugimoto (PGSM), Naz Edwards (dub)


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Serena of SF Report | 01/22/2014 4:16 pm
 Serena of SF
hmm looks like the Queen of the light needs to step in against the negaverse once again to stop queen beryl's evil .
lol cosplay .

very interesting queen beryl avii.
thelegendofzack Report | 09/10/2012 6:52 pm
((Hello. Names Zack. But my rpc is Rogue. I was looking at your comment and I read what Will say about our battle. And I was hoping to have a battle with you?))
RavishingRuby Report | 08/30/2012 9:26 pm
"I dunno." She shrugged and smirked. "I heard stories of your....mental condition. Figured you'd tell me for sh*ts n Giggles."

[Would you like an item called 'Evening Star Sister'? ]
Will Sapphire Report | 08/22/2012 4:02 pm
Will Sapphire
"Actually I would. Being the Knight of the sky I am a bit of an airhead yknow." Will shrugs
Dead_Moon_Circus_Fish Eye Report | 08/22/2012 10:02 am
Dead_Moon_Circus_Fish Eye
"None. And I also thought to remove all memory of the senshi, taking special care with those of Neptune.
RavishingRuby Report | 08/18/2012 11:39 pm
[i r ur daughter MWAHAHAH lolz]

"Who I am is of no importance to you..yet. What I want to know is how you've managed to escape certain death."
Will Sapphire Report | 08/18/2012 9:26 pm
Will Sapphire
"I dunno. I may have. I may have not. If I have ive jusr forgotten when." Will notes
Dead_Moon_Circus_Fish Eye Report | 08/18/2012 9:01 am
Dead_Moon_Circus_Fish Eye
Training has been complete my Queen
Emily Victoria Kunzite Report | 08/16/2012 9:19 pm
Emily Victoria Kunzite
No, I'll have to investigate.
RavishingRuby Report | 08/16/2012 7:42 pm
"Queen Beryl...so the rumors are true..." a young woman in a red gown stood in front of the woman. her hands gloved in black silk, and holding a small black fan.

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