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Salutations and Welcome to my humble space.
I am Queen Anastasia Sinclaire. Many of you know me as Ana or Ana De LaClaire. I have been wrongly kicked out of the LaClaires so I have joined forces with my sister Rose who has also been wronged. We wanted to right the wrongs that we have both seen happen and prevent future harm to others. I Have watched my sister Ava destroy the name of our family hurt my sister Rose and my niece Chole and even try and replace us by giving others our names (however i fdid reclaim my name so she could never use it). I wish no ill will on my sister or anyone I just wish to tell the true story that happened to me and prevent others from being hurt and cast out for sharing their feelings with Ava. I hope once you hear it you will realize what is happening and come to me and my sister Rose. She and I want our family back. We wish for it to have the real heart and love and life that it used to be powered by. Just stay here long enough to know. For it is a long story.

Twenty two months ago A young girl named Duchess Anastasia was approached by two women who were wanting to form a family. They invited meto join them as their sister and thus the De LaClaire line began. Later, Malina changed her name to Ava because and I quote, 'It rolled off the tongue better. Short sweet and to the point.'

The three ruled together as equals and helped grow there own family and the Haus together. As time went on. Ana had become engaged and then her kingdom destroyed to to a crazy man who had gone berserk. Her sister Rose had married a Hellbond which was a forbidden act between Vampire and Angel.

And this is were the problems begin. Ava not fond of how Rose was becoming more and more Hellbond then LaClaire. This is were trouble in paradise began. Ava had been having many events but Rose was only hearing of them the day of and usually just after they had finished. A bit frustrated, she went to Ava and asked that she let her know in advance. Ava grew angry and dismissed her not only from the conversation, but her life. After many attempts to speak with her sister, Rose decided it would be better to step down and let her child Chloe take her place.

After Rose died I went to her reincarnation Rikka that Ana had been cast from the family for sharing her feelings to Ava on how the guild was going as well as about Ava herself. Ava had gone mad with power lust and control. naming herself the grand matriarch when they were supposed to rule as equals. She had hurt Rose's child, Ana;s neice, and nearly made her leave as well. T

. I have tried to reason with Ava, help her to see, but I have been once again unsuccessful. Ava says we are insane and damned as well as being unaware of the true meaning of family. Yet Rose, myself and Chloe are still together as a family. We beg you. Please do not feed her flame, help us get our family back. One day I hop Ava should re-join us and we can be as we were but for now it seems this is impossible. Please all of you come home, your real home.

Yours Truly,


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Watch out or my king of hearts will fight back

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