*sigh* I better put something down here, I don't want to look like I haven't made any effort....

So hi there! My name is Jeremiah, and welcome to my space! I'm under 18 years old and I live in England. (Oh, and I'm Bi)

Interests... hmm. I have quite a few, I won't bother listing them all here because they probably won't fit, but I like to game (Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Kingdom Hearts, you name it), and Anime/Manga is my favourite past time (Currently reading Fairy Tail, my favourite characters is Sting Eucliffe and Gajeel Redfox)

I suppose I'll end it here for the time being, if I think of anymore things to add, I'll add 'em. Drop me a comment if you like, I'm always up for a chat! 3nodding


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tainted with love Report | 06/27/2013 6:34 pm
tainted with love
; A; seriously..
you dont even go on Skype anymore!
tainted with love Report | 06/23/2013 12:41 pm
tainted with love
no I had meant for deleting but had I not replied??? I was sure I sent a comment!
I really hate this app. well, I apologize for that too, then... man, I am really sorry. Im coming off as a pretty shitty person right now.
tainted with love Report | 06/22/2013 8:08 pm
tainted with love
i am really sorry...
Rallaa Report | 06/22/2013 2:49 pm
Waking up and checking stuff out
Rallaa Report | 06/22/2013 2:39 pm
Hey, whatsup?
Sujubeun Report | 06/22/2013 7:04 am
Hanging in there, I guess..
What about you?
Been busy?
Sujubeun Report | 06/22/2013 5:46 am
yaaaaayy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ・゜*。・✧
Sujubeun Report | 06/21/2013 10:12 pm
I want to hug you.
let me hug you.
tainted with love Report | 06/21/2013 8:52 am
tainted with love
duuuuude!!! i thought you were never coming back ; A;

i clear out my friend's list every two weeks because i like to stay on top of it ; n;
did you finish school!
Zephyr-Dono Report | 05/14/2013 1:13 am
Huh.. if you knew it was gonna restart, then why go through it all again?
I thought mine was coincidence until it happened over and over again.
My favorite would have to be the first gen's starters.
I actually liked all of them.
Lol. It would seem weird to go through all that trouble, but whatever floats their boat.
I'm sure the new game will be worth to get.
Quarter to Five
tainted with love

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