I have lived for
Retired Air Force

Writing, drawing, anything to do with art whatsoever is something I make my life apart of.
Being Active is amazing, I try to live my dreams weekly if not daily.
I'm proud to be an
I am proud of my nation and look forward to learning from others.

I love to RP, and play games like WoW and Maple Story, but I also love to go skating and to the movies.
I hate racist of all forms and refuse to be called a word that our ancestors were called to be placed down. (And no I don't care if we're the same race, don't use it, it' stupid)

I am short, reaching 5'2
I am a loving sister, and a daughter, I am a cousin and a friend, and I am also an enemy.

I love technology and a lover of all music, save for a small amount of country.
I sing and Dance.

My colors ranges, and Navy, Purple, Green and Silver holds my heart.

I love working with my hands, building, computers, law and health!

I do not have a favorite personality.

I love Foxes and I am A Yu Yu Hakusho and MKR (Magic Knight Rayerth) fan.

I read Manga and for my age,I will surprise you about the Anime that I do know same goes for books biggrin


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Secrets of my desires

Stories and Poems, they are marked like so

Love comes in many forms, even in the ones we hate most.



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Ved Japachi Ciravelux

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Ved Japachi Ciravelux


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been away?
Ice_Bird Bloo

Report | 01/16/2012 11:14 am

Ice_Bird Bloo

Happy Birthday. biggrin

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Uh yuh. One of those "take what you can and destroy it" types. I so hear that. This is why I tell girls not to give everything away (and never give them what they want - as in dont bed with them).

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Locking what away? Waz up?

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I dunno. What ARE ya doing?

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Forsaken Island... if you have a map that pops up when you log in, you click on the squares (can do it for FREE three times a day... don't waste piastres on it) until you find it. I am still trying to find mine.

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To be perfectly honest I've no idea what T-1 means, in RP terms. I had a cell phone a while back that had that as its main selection of language, but thats about it.

I think a main problem was that nobody wanted to be social, and when they did it wasn't good. New people would show up and nobody would say squat to them, or to long time members coming in and being ignored. I know it's probably been said to death before, but another problem the thread had was Sorlamain. If I remember correctly the thread was always busy before he came around. Then after he'd been there for a while it started dying. If I remember correctly as well Sorlamain was always starting trouble, always pushing the line with what he could get away with. I remember him and Thanatos going at it a few times, as well as him and Ckoal. At one point I think Sorlamain even said he couldn't get in trouble if reported because he was buddy buddy with some admins.

Bear in mind I've no way to prove this, nor do I intend to shift through thousands of RP pages to do so. -_- Now I will admit that I'm not his biggest fan, and I would be quite happy if he simply went away and never returned... but I'm willing to leave him alone if he goes somewhere else.

An evil Turkey? I know you said don't ask, but that kinda warrants a question lol What was it some sorta Thanksgiving RP? Turkeys' Revenge? They made a video game similar to that. A deer decides it's tired of being hunted so it begins to hunt the hunters. There were also RPs where people played wolves and foxes, ain't seen those in a while though.

I'm not above letting my character die in an RP, I did let Regnier's 'anti-god' kill him off at one point, but you can be damned sure I'll make you work for it. If there's a way to get out of it, I'll find it. twisted

I joined an RP a while back that had some major romances going on, but I always rolled my eyes when I read the posts. It was just so sappy. I actually interacted with the guy character and he was mad at my character from taking him away from his girl stare There is such a thing as taking it too far.

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lol yep... gotta pay attention to the hygiene. Although my hygiene wasn't a top priority after working a 12 hour shift at fast food and having just gotten off at 8am heading over to Walmart to pick up something.

Princess wannabes at my job quickly learned I had little patience for their supposed 'royalty'... Had a girl tell me she didn't have to listen to the manager and change the trash. Her reason? Because her daddy didn't make his princess do it at home, and nobody could make her do what her daddy didn't make her princess do at home. My response? That's nice, but why not tell the manager that? Oh, before you do, might I suggest looking for a different job? Because you're going to need one after telling them that.

Actually had to tell one girl to clock out and go home because she wasn't willing to do her job. Ended up having to explain that to her parents because she went home and cried about it to them. They came storming up to the store demanding to know why their little princess had been so mistreated. Turns out their little princess had exaggerated what had happened. Took my taking them into the office to view the security cameras to prove me right. -_- Can't say I responded nicely to being chewed out for no reason by her parents. She didn't last long after that.

As far as personality being what matters... well I can't say it's gotten me very far. Farthest its ever gotten me was being the funny guy who made the ladies laugh on the overnights. Never got a number, although considering the type of girls who came through on the overnights I'd say that wasn't a bad thing. I've seen some strange things, none of which are appropriate for posting where a little kiddo might read them... I'll just say that some people have some strange relationship habits and couple's attire... take that as you will.

Speaking of the old thread, I'm surprised you can't hear the crickets chirping... or see the tumbleweeds that blow through... certainly full of cobwebs. I'd say it's officially died. I got stuck waiting on 2 people to reply and they've pretty much vanished from the face of the earth. A few of us were trying to revamp the thread, restart it possibly, but it kinda fell through the cracks. Even Thanatos has vanished.
onew love me

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onew love me



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