Well, since I don't really like myself a whole ton, I'm just gonna talk about my friends.
Breanna: Even though it makes me feel bad, I love being a pervert with you. No matter what happens I love you. Without you there would be no me. Love you, Bree.
Mackenzie: You're an awesome person, and you're very easy to talk to, thanks a ton.
Savannah: We've shared some very interesting moments... I can't get over that thing in the hall... boy wouldn't I be a great mum. Thanks for all the help.
Alexus: You were my first friend when I moved here, we've gone through alot. Thanks for being there for me.
Jenna: You always have the ability to make me smile because you're always so bubbly. Thank you. :3
Kylie: Thanks for just talking to me, it helps when people tell me their problems, cause then I don't think about my own.


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