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] <---My moon avi (dream Avi) Good luck to me.-.-
User Image <--- Pic of me ^^

Name- leslea


Hight- 5"3

hair color-Golden , light Brown

Eye color- Gray

Power- Unknown for right now.

I am In a Vampire Family

-diary -
My New life started a Couple Days ago maybe more.
Just a normal day, end up not normal as i thought. I remember Coming across this Person. He didn't Talk much just only a little. When i looked at him He was Beautiful, Every move he made you can feel the wind picked up. But I really didn't pay any mind to it. Before i knew it. When he told me to follow him... I did... not knowing or Fully put Thought of what was going to happen. I thought it was just talking. Like, normal conversions. Then out of no where a New person followed. Now, What i seen and heard. that it was his brother; My, now brother..This is the part I got confused and A bit scared. His brother left and Once again I was left with this one person that i followed. We talked. Then i had to make a choice.. You think i get attacked at this point with out having the chance to run; Like Normal. that is how movies play, right? Like the horror films. Well. it wasn't like that at all. So I started to think to my self. And I said yes... Saying that word Changed Everything.I let him take my soul. I met the family and I was still with Him.

Day later.
I met up with him and my sister in town. I thought i was intruding so i felt bad, I wanted to run; Leave and I was beginning too. But They told me I wasn't. I walked and I set by my sister. Was still embarrassed and still felt bad... You know that feeling Right? well 5 times that.. I didn't really know what to say and If i did said anything. I don't really remember it. To be Truthful, I don't want to remember. -giggles under my breath- who wants to remember that feeling? But i felt something else that day..it wasn't that strong in till He left me with the tear that i saw on his face as he walked out of are sight. My sister Hated seeing him Like that. Before i got to reply to her. She left. I never got to see him in that state. Nothing was wrong with me But i felt so alone and deeply Sad. I wanted to be with him, make him happy and the other thoughts that I was having and growing.. I soon told him how i felt.

That same night I Told him. Everything. how i felt and i was making sure i wasn't over stepping the line by saying to much. Really, i didn't leave anything out. I just said Please forgive me. But everything that night ended So perfectly. It was night time (Dead time) my favorite time. The bright moon was shinning on us. The wind that he was making with the leaves blowing with it..The moment We shear. I will never forget it. I Never thought I imagine. that i heard my Heart beat,Beating loud. More so when i was even alive. I Think it was my mind. when you really want to feel something, like a heart. You imagine it and think that you felt it.. I am bound to him, Love him. He Completely Paralyzes me... My life Dairy. Can't wait to see him again. plus the family.

Day-Nov 6,2012

On The 4th of this month. I think I Freaked out for nothing...Cried for nothing. I never felt like the biggest fool on that day. I did it to my self...really. I thought i did something wrong, Said something wrong. I learn that knowing I can speak my mind. Doesn't mean i can Fully speak everything... Sometimes it is best That you left some thing left un said. -Note to self-..... Also i leaned. now ; this is where i felt so foolish.Well,. i will Just say one word... because that is all that went through my mind when i found out....Feeding... He went feeling!. Yes, my diary . you heard me right. I cried. the blood that was coming out of my face. was not needed..

I can't fully go in retail on what happen. And that is my choice. But after the whole thing.. I ran off into the woods at night, I couldn't sleep. It was so dark that i can only see Eyes all around me. I wasn't scared. I knew their was animals. But it was so quiet, I fell in love with the wind. and not feeling the cold breeze in my face,or the leaves moving making music for me. If i was scared. that was it..Nothing was moving that night, no sounds at all.. I found a spot. very comfortable. I clean off my face. the blood that slide down my face from my eyes when i was crying. then i lay against the tree. I Closed my eyes and think. I soon fell a sleep. The next day i was thinking on hiding. not showing my face because how i acted..But when i heard him talk to me. It was like nothing happen. Everything was a miss understanding. .. good thing right?

Now today. I went out in town. it was Interesting. when their was only one person End up being 7. maybe less or more. I can smell the different types of blood when they walk by... I was getting so hungry. I would of have feed that day If i wanted too. I had some lining up to it. -Giggles to self- I haven't eaten in two days.. You would think i would taken the chance. But. i didn't. I don't want to feed on someone that is only going to do it because they think i am very beautiful Or think that i can change them so they can be with me.. But i am planning on making a delicious dessert..for someone. Or just for my self. -laughs at loud then thinks to my self- Maybe i should of had taken the feeding.. Also. I want to feed with out Brother watching me. I am very shy and i know how i am with feeding. I don't want him to see that..


A lot has happen over the past Two, three days i have not wrote in my dairy.I tried to make time. But haven't got the chance.

First i got to say I met my new sister. She is young, younger then me.-.-. I do have other sisters ; Don't ask me how many because i don't know, Just that i have a lot. But I talked to this one more then all the other ones. I feel more comfortable around her,Her name is Tiger. but i want to nick name her tiger lilly...Is that so cute?. I also can be silly around her and not get this look like i doing a bad thing. We have a lot of things that we both like. Also, she helped me make a dessert for someone. well, It end up being for the family. but they didn't eat it.. !BY THE WAY!. i was a bit angry and sad that they didn't even try it.... I mean at least TRY IT. But that feeling went away pretty quickly.. the person i wanted to make it for. Ate them and loved it. So it made me stop and think the main reason why I had the idea of making them in the first place. When i saw him eating, pretty much all of them -whispers- me and tiger ate some at the house without them knowing, so i can't say he ate all of them because he didn't.. But back to what i was saying. Watching him enjoying it. I was so happy that had the idea and my goal was an awesome one! -giggles- Cheers for me and my tigerlilly sister -had a little silly moment-

Later on that night.... was.....Hell, how can i even put this on here?.. Really i can't... what happen was to much. Lets just say i felt like i was a bipolar Vampire. I felt every feeling you can get all in one day. And it felt like that day was weeks. I really want to write this in my dairy. it sucks holding this in my head and playing the image over and over again.. OKAY.... to make this less confusing.. I guess. I said something in here about being silly... well, lets say I got silly and said a joke that didn't sound like a joke.and It back fired.. so. it is good to be silly, But... know when you can be silly... there is always a time and moment you can aloud your self to be funny. But the moment i was in. Wasn't the time and moment at all to be one.. I am learning a lot.

Okay so you maybe be thinking. what was going though your mind when you said it? what did you say? i can't shear it. Just remain clueless..... I have more to tell. But it has to wait.
-closes my diary -

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your birthday is coming up soon, I assume you won't be here but.. Happy birthday. Miss you.
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Excuse me, can I offer 2OOk for Love's Warrior? Since ABP is 238k
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Hey i love your avi and pro super cuuute! biggrin

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