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Real Quick

HI! I'm currently obsessed with Nana (anime/manga), Axis Power Hetalia, Dollhouse, and The Twelve Kingdoms novels. I want to finish reading Eclipse but I won't spend money on it. The tanks are my favorite thing here, and I suck at talking.


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If Livejounrnal didn't cut it....


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pie_in_ur_pants Report | 11/24/2012 7:28 am
pie_in_ur_pants Report | 11/23/2012 9:01 am
Are you coming to visit soon??????? eek
simplecib Report | 09/20/2012 8:22 pm
cool avi
Christian Taicho Report | 08/23/2012 4:03 am
Christian Taicho
Long time, no see! Honestly, there isn't a quick link for me, and I'm the Captain. Normally in order to find the Clan, you can go to guilds, zOMG clans, and it should say go to my zOMG clan: The Iron Avengers. So far as inviting members, that is a Captain privilege as of now. You can invite members by giving them this link and telling them to follow to it. For them, the rest is self-explanatory. http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds-home/the-iron-avengers/g.392100/ This should work both ways. It should be able to take you straight to our homepage as well as your friends. -The Iron Avengers
pie_in_ur_pants Report | 05/31/2011 11:53 am
yay 4 wat ever avi means lol whee
pie_in_ur_pants Report | 05/21/2011 5:29 pm
cool avi
someperson123456789 Report | 09/27/2010 2:26 am
ninja oh ummm i used my mule to buy em ^_^ thanks anyway ninja
someperson123456789 Report | 09/25/2010 9:55 am
no prob...... you can always buy them back ^_^
Lost in Fiction Report | 05/25/2010 4:42 pm
Lost in Fiction
Happy Birthday!!!Hope you have a wonderful day!
soundivine Report | 05/18/2010 4:34 am
I noticed your post on a forumn about zomg players.
Are you good at it? What sets do you use?


Thank you for your support!

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