If you think I have no idea what I just said, your totally right!
And hey, if you know what it means, feel free to tell me.
My name is Jacque(jackie), I live in Texas and if you have ever had the guts to walk around your school with a peice of paper on your head, then we will get along just fine.
And yes, I've done that, rpeatedly.
I'm 15, a "shotmore"(in high school obveously).
I'm weird and if you don't think so then you have never seen me when I'm happy!XD(a.k.a. HYPER)
I can be a major B**** at times but I'm working on that.
I hate any one who is too faced
I am incredibly stuborn
My favorate color is red, but I try not to wear it out.
If I had the choice, I would have never become the bitter girl I am now, but I didn't, so now I'm stuck trying to fix that, alone.
If you tried to classify me as emo or punk or goth or prep or geek or drama queen, you'd never get me right.
I'm too much of everything to be classified as anything.
Even though I do favor the emo and goth looks.
I don't care where you are from, who your parents are, what evil things you have done, or how much you may hate me, as long as you are willing and trying to change, you're awe inspiring in my books.

Hey this was my result for a quiz in quizilla!

((((Yourself - You practically are your own sanctuary. Whether it be a sign of independence or a sign of loneliness, not being able to rely on someone during a time of hardship is very difficult and trying on an individual. Although you are probably very strong-willed and strong-hearted, there will always be a time when leaning solely on yourself will eat you alive. Know that there is always someone who loves you greatly and cares for you; they want to help you get through trials and tribulations, they want to hold your hand. It takes courage to open up your heart to someone - because that is when you are weakest - but ultimately the love you will experience will not be forgotten.

"I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge -- myth is more potent than history -- dreams are more powerful than facts -- hope always triumphs over experience -- laughter is the cure for grief -- love is stronger than death."

~Robert Fulghum))))


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Cheese: the greatest food or the worst, wait what am I saying...

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Alkaid sama

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Alkaid sama

Hey Purple been a while ^^

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Happy birthday~! (Yes, this is Austin, and you need your birthday spankings~! Problem is, I refuse to spank you, so I'll just have to jab you in the booby over and over again! MUWHAHAHAHA!)

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Mhm. :3

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thank you for your custom please come come again

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Happy late birthday!!!!!

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Happy b-day

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happy almost birthday big twin sis

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thanks for buying
Lola Coca-Cola

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Lola Coca-Cola

ur just an idiot... i do have my permit though....


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