How was your day?

Time to blab on and on about myself.
Name: purpleberri
Hobbies: Chatting on facetime two hours too long.
Favorite Passtime: Maplestory, facetiming (again....video chatting with bffs), flipping through magazines, reading manga, reading fanfiction, writing.
Favorite Subject: English! I don't read that much (besides manga and required books for school), but I absolutely love writing and editing.
Sports: HAHA. I fail at sports in general.
Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice? Or any historical fiction or realistic fiction book.
Things I Absolutely Cannot Live Without:
1) Manga
2) My itouch. (And my cell.)
3) Video chatting.
4) Computers (Technology in general.)
5) My friends and family.

Yeppp. That's basically it. I know. I'm weird. I get that a lot. But if you wanna new weird buddy, be sure to add me. (I was gonna add a happy face here, but the happy faces look weird. o_______O)