hi, my names Gemma and at the moment im working on improving my avitar smile Hey I'd luv you to PM me or whatever, as weird as that is not knowing who you are - it's fun. smile

I live in Melbourne, Australia and im in high school at the moment. I play tennis on weekends, writting poems a.k.a songs, love anything that gives you a thrill, friends, laughing, love things that are sweet, love listening to my iPod, watching family guy and other shows example: desperate housewives, the O.C (although the story line is dimishing) and neighbours. Yes neighbours - don't everyone start abusing me on how bad the acting and storylines are, beleive me I know. I just like to watch it anyway. razz

I love riding motorbikes so i based my avi on that. I haven't seen a bike-ish chick avi around here b4. So im going with somthing different > smile . But yeah motorbike riding. It's dangerous but I love it heaps, it's so fun.

I would not live without my iPod or without my music! Omg i would go insane with it and my iPod gets used heaps I can tell you. I keep changing favourite songs because if I like a song I obliviously continue to listen to it and get myself sick of it. Oh well. Exept for My immortal by evanescence - I will NEVER get sick of that song razz . Some fav songs I have at the moment are: Everywhere you go by Taxiride, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie kilo by the bloodhound gang, Just feel better by Carlos Santana and a few songs by Blink 182. Chop suey is a good song.

I work at gloria jeans. Well most of you are probly obsessed with starbucks. Give our coffee a go too! We make excellent tim tam iced chocolates! hehe I make them at home now because i know the recipe - although some of the ingredience are hard to come by wink .

My school is coolies. I have cool subject, lots of breaks and even cooler friends biggrin . Our group has such a broad range of people, seriously there is heaps of us.

I've also noticed that I LOVE good quotes, lines, words and songs etc. I love eloquency in writting. Do you? Stuff like 'There is sorrow in the wind and melacholy in the grass'. On the contrary 'We appreciate light because we know darkness, on the same note we know happiness because we have experienced sadness'. They're so pretty.

I also hate cliche's. You know that crap stuff that sounds like its been writting one-hundred times before. "It was covered in blood", "she had sadness in her eyes" or "The door creaked behind them". I hate it when people think they are clever that they have come up with this crap. It's like 'No! Your not! Your just writting the same old stuff everyone has written before!" That's why I like eloquent words and well-thought-out, well-structured writting. Thanks to all the people who write good stuff. Well done. razz .

While there are things I can't do well, i can read people very easily. *shakes head* It's almost comical the stuff you see and can see what everyone is thinking. Can you do that? I know everyone can do it to one point but i'd like to know how much people can do it.

Ok, well if you feel like donating some gold I would LOVE you
to! I'm saving for all of my avi that's below! Even like 100g is awesome. Meanwhile I'll be poll-whoring the forums.

Anyway there's me in a nutshell razz
x x gem x x

Eventually i wanna look like this:
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For some reason the link isn't working when you click it.

So just copy and paste it! User Image

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It's a Prom Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner.


It cost me about 700$ to buy it right off, instead of laying it away.

You could probably find a store somewhere around where you live to get one.

Or you could look on ebay.
Uchiha Sasuke417

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Uchiha Sasuke417

Uchiha Sasuke417

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Uchiha Sasuke417


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Wow we are alike in so many ways. ^_^

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haha ur in a nutshell
Hey gem, yep our friends... there are certainly odd ones *cough* cassie *cough* lmao