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Mebu Wolf

Report | 03/21/2008 11:11 pm

Mebu Wolf

Any suggestions for boots, these were the best I could find but if you know of something better I'd love to know!

Thanks! User Image

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thnx for buying... come again!!!

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Yeah the anklets bug me too User Image but lots of people told me to add them so I did.

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Hello! I'd like to reply to the comments people made on my avatar. You said: "boring."

1. I have plenty of money and I am not a newbie. I just think people who overload their avatars with a bunch of crap are stupid. Simplicity is elegance.

2. I honestly don't care if you don't like Kikyo. A good rater would rate an avatar based on the quality and not their negative outlook on a character from a TV show.

3. Why wouldn't Kikyo wear a miniskirt? The priestess outfit is merely her uniform. You have no clue what she would wear if she didn't have to wear it. And in the episode that showed Kikyo in the modern world, she was still in uniform because she was an archery teacher.

4. It *does* look like Kikyo. Kikyo has black hair and brown eyes, her outfit is white on top and red on bottom, and she wears flip flops. So far I've been unable to find a bow and arrow. Please, feel free to tell me if you know where to get some. Also notify me if you can find a feudal era priestess outfit. I doubt you'll have any more success than I did. Thus why I had to modernize her.

5. I know Kagome is Kikyo's reincarnation and that Kikyo can't come back. That's why the description says "if." Duh.

6. I'll wear starter shoes if I want to. If they match, why not? I'm not going to spend my gold just because I got the shoes for free.

7. Why would you bother commenting on an avatar if all you're going to say is, "....." or nothing at all? That's just stupid.

8. Kikyo is *not* a slut. She never loved anyone but Inuyasha and they never went farther than kissing. How is that slutty??

9. No, she shouldn't look more moody and depressed and emo. That's all I'll say to that comment.

10. Finally, get a life. Being so negative all the time will just make life less enjoyable for you. Try focusing on the positive things and I can pretty much guarantee you'll be a happier person.


hmm i need a dream avatar...