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My name is Emily Rose, but you all can call me Rose if you would like. I love photography and music. I like alternitive alot, classical, and screamo. My favourite colors are black and red and I fancy art, such as, poetry, sketching, paintings, photography, and writing. I like to write my own storys and such..I usually get inspiration from everything. razz I can be very immature at times, more so in a humorous way. I am sarcastic and a smartass. I get jealous easily. biggrin But I brush it off. I love the piano and violin, they makes the most beautiful music. I don't sleep much. At All. My mom thinks I'm shizofrenic. I have good inuitive and I tend to over analyze things. I am a good observer in most cases. I cannot type well. I never learned. So don't say I can't spell..just say I can't type. razz I have panic attacks sometimes..mainly though only twice a month. I'm alwasy cold..or so it seems. I shiver alot, and my skin is cold not just my body. sad I don't whine alot. Some of you may not believe this to be true though, trust me it is. I'm easy at keeping promises. I don't gossip. I despise it. I love reading, just as much as I love writing. Which is odd though, I used to hate reading with a passion, and now I hardly get on my comp from just having a book in my hands. Oh well though, better late than never. I would also like to point out one thing before I quit typing, I have some of the best damn friends in this whole freaking world. K thanks. =]


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Vuli Report | 05/21/2009 3:39 pm
Tohruxoxo Report | 10/27/2008 5:08 pm
hey emily! wats up i like ur avi
Rosabell Red Report | 09/30/2008 6:15 pm
Rosabell Red
myflame123 Report | 08/27/2008 4:08 pm
lol ur a maid now! haha
Miss_EH00 Report | 07/05/2008 12:09 pm
opps that went wrong!

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there. thats the pic!
Miss_EH00 Report | 07/05/2008 12:08 pm

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Rosabell Red Report | 07/05/2008 5:05 am
Rosabell Red
OMG! Yo BIRTHDAY 2MORO? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I'll get u something! =D
Trii-Edge Report | 07/04/2008 10:01 am
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU YOU'RE ONE-HUNDRED AND TWO YOU LOOK LIKE MY GRANDMOTHER YOU SMELL LIKE HER TOO!!! IT'S MEH THE KID FROM IMVU EXCEPT My MSN is being stupid >.> anyways happy birthday you're one year closer to 100 may you die next year =D jk
HcX_Olivia Report | 03/26/2008 4:11 pm
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Rosabell Red Report | 03/24/2008 3:21 am
Rosabell Red
Yay!^,^ How was yo Easter? Wad did u get? Tell meh! Tell meh! Tell meh!


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