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Grandma Werthers Report | 07/01/2020 1:18 pm
Hello dear heart
BlRDS Report | 07/01/2020 6:40 am
XxX-Redle-Aruel-XxX Report | 03/28/2009 9:09 am
yes when u start off i did all the missions in barton exept for the musical notes and the OMGWTF mission cuz ur not ready for them and having too many missions on ur P.A will make it glitch. and when u finish all those missons in barton u will get a total of 2 rings i believe if not 3 but they are going to be RL:1 so i dont know what u want to use those for either attack rings but i used them for healing rings since u dont get them in the start for example(diagnoses, bandage,divinity,defib) are good rings to get at the start if u want to because u can also get them later at a much higher Lv you know when u finish all the missions of that area but its ur choice. ok now in village greens u will get a total of 2 rings one from leon and remo now the one from leon GET HACK nothing else get hack becuase it is the most strongest attack ring and whenever u get orbs from missions or monsters dont waste them on other rings like ur first one. now u can if u want to on ur healing ring that ok to lv up like say u are CL1 then dont lv it up now when u waste all ur orbs on ur HACK ring and it makes u a CL 2 then lv up ur ring to lv 2 you know what i am saying but its ok to lv ur healing ring just as long as u dont use to many on that one use it on hack. but anyways ur pretty well set if u only spend orbs on hack and it only takes 450 orbs to turn a ring to LV 10 so its not that hard as u may think it is. now when u get hack to Lv10 then u can lv up other rings i dont knot if u want to do the same as hack like if i get slash and just use orbs for it till its lv 10 or if u want to lv ur rings up evenly. now talking about rings i will tell u the good ones to get once u are able to chose from the bag u know. they are (Hack,Slash,Mantis,Shark Attack,Bandage,Wish,Divinity,and Deliberate) are the best rings to get and Lv up. and well i think that is pretty much it....OMg i almost forgot the most special thing i figured out it might not work but it worked for me..check this out its TOTALLY AWESOME. hehe ok u know the missions that u can repeat like in the ranch the "fluff,that bee thingy, and garlics" yea well u know when the person asks u if u can do it again SAY No then come back later(dont have to leave just ask him again) and then say yes u want to help him/her why? cuz say i finished that quest and he asks me if i can kill some more well he will give u like idk lets say 5 or 4 orbs u know what u are suppose to get but know if u said yes when he asks u if u can do it again and u finish it and u come back ur reward is going to be 1 orb! but know if u said no and ask him again and say yes this time when u finish it and come back ur he will give u 3 orbs! more than u are supose to get thats why i am so powerfull cuz this what i call "rule" applies with all repeatable missions. but u know it might just be me it works on but make sure u say no to the fluffs mission when he asks u t=if u can do it again. then u can ask him the 2nd time and say yes and ur get more orbs than u are suppose to and thats all i know up to now so if u need help with any missions and stuff on ur new account if u want add me as a friend and we can meet up and i can help u. so yea i hope i helped out. sweatdrop u asked fro some tips and i gave u more like a whole lesson biggrin sweatdrop
XxX-Redle-Aruel-XxX Report | 03/16/2009 6:53 pm
hey sup nice pro mines dumb^^ but i just dropped by to say again if u need any advice or help on Zomg i can help and u can add me as a friend if u want.
1wolffan Report | 02/01/2009 7:31 pm
Love that third track as well.
1wolffan Report | 07/25/2008 10:20 pm
Fairly simple, but still cute.
Minteh_Thee Moofin Report | 07/15/2008 3:46 pm
This would be my main account :'D
Xinl1un Report | 07/09/2008 8:10 pm
Yay for mules! What's your main account?
Xinl1un Report | 06/24/2008 11:00 pm
Lofl! Says the one with an identical pro! And this is a mule :'D


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