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Echos of the Human Expierence

Truth, fiction, and real life


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I love writing. If you love writing or reading please check out and subscribe to
heart My Journal heart Updated 9/18/20

I never said I wasn't strange gaia_grunny

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Just a young woman with a thirst for knowledge, creativity, and human betterment...

lol blaugh rofl heart Proud member since 2006 cheese_whine

Gaia has always been my escape growing up. I truly love it.

Just a young woman with a thirst for knowledge, life, creativity, and human betterment...

I came back a few years ago, left again for a 2nd time, then been back since the mighty year of 2019!
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I was ecstatic to find one of my very first Gaia avatars saved to an old Photobucket Account : D
User ImageMe Then
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Me when I came back to Gaia, the time before my 2nd departure

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These days in my life outside of Gaia heart
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Sweet, sweet nostalgia...found a old Gaia comic that always made me laugh back in the day:
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"You Gaians are impossible to communicate with!!!!" xd


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JustVent Report | 10/06/2020 5:01 pm
Too busy studying to care about this site anymore; anytime I tried to build a relation people go MIA rofl
iiCoco_Puffz Report | 10/05/2020 8:43 pm
happy October! <3
JustVent Report | 09/19/2020 10:04 am
No worries, I'm keeping myself somewhat busy (Chill music, cleaning my room, more Psychology, and trying to make something fun for dinner tonight lol). Enjoy your time out smile .
kaeschi Report | 09/18/2020 4:49 pm
xp I've been exploring new names
JustVent Report | 09/14/2020 8:06 pm
I'm surprised you've seen edgier rofl
Depressed_Blue_Penguin Report | 09/14/2020 7:01 pm
Hey there!
Thanks for your kind comment on my profile.
kaeschi Report | 09/13/2020 7:38 pm
sure, no problem. PM me and i'll play with you if i can (timewise). xp
kaeschi Report | 09/13/2020 7:17 pm
i do. cat_biggrin
kaeschi Report | 09/01/2020 5:14 pm
Aww thank you so much! heart You just made my day. redface
iiCoco_Puffz Report | 08/31/2020 11:13 am
Haven't event tried sweatdrop