I'm addicted to anime.
I love art!
Music pretty much keeps me sane.
I spend spare bits of time gaming.
I've been in love and have had my heart broken.
I fall for people fast.
I'm currently going to physical therapy for my back and it sucks.
Edit: I finished physical therapy and it STILL sucks.
I'm absolutely addicted to concerts.
I'm single,but my heart is taken.
He is EVERYTHING to me..
My biggest mistake was pushing him away..
I was scared and stupid.. I just want and need to make things right again.
AND, Gaia has pretty much let me meet one of the most awesome people... EVER.
Seidaki Sama.
He's my best friend and he deserves much love!!!
BUT he's engaged so if you decide to give that much deserved love to him, don't cross the line.
Love is a powerful thing and so is his fiance's fist. x]

And yeah,

...If you wanna know something...ask. x]

"She goes to sleep and all she dreams about is you..."

Donations of any kind are loved! <3
So are comments and pms!

My thanks go out to these people for the AWESOME birthday gifts(09)!!
Jason: February Birthstone Crown
Eternal Oblivion Chaos (Now known as True Judgement): Rock Hard
LukeVash: Bullet Belts
Barricade Phantom: Satin Hairbow
The_Wolf_Swordsman: Kokeshi Fan
v_never_forgotten_v: Gold BFF Heart Chain
brian9745: Gold Heart Hairpin, Gold Tiara, Dainty Black Peek-Toes
xX-Kex_white_hat-Xx: Broken Heart Mood Bubble
Barricade Phantom: Coco Kitty Mylar Birthday Balloon



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Report | 09/15/2010 10:49 pm


hey i came by today but no one answerd

Report | 04/29/2010 11:51 pm


It seriously sucks.

Report | 04/29/2010 11:42 pm


Not a lot really. Really bored.

Report | 04/23/2010 12:56 pm


And this new layout crap is gonna drive me nuts, can't see my friends, Profile comments{not easily..at least} just everything D:
and no one really gets on anymore and talks to me so there's no reason for me to really take up space :3

but if you wanna keep contact, though, these are on my profile:

Aim: OMG iCame
Msn: yunnie186@hotmail.com

feel free to add me :]

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Report | 04/12/2010 10:33 am


your profile is pretty BA.

Captain Setto

Report | 04/09/2010 2:45 am

Captain Setto

Yar, but the computer I am using now is no good for CS4. >.<
Captain Setto

Report | 04/09/2010 2:11 am

Captain Setto

I'm lamenting my loss of photoshop because my laptop is brukken D:
Captain Setto

Report | 04/09/2010 2:05 am

Captain Setto


Report | 04/09/2010 2:02 am


Yeah, I can imagine. I plan on going in for General Studies first as well. There's no way in hell I could possibly pick a major at this point. Anyway, I think I'll be off for the night. It's 5AM here (4AM central, right?) and I've got some stuff to do tomorrow. But definitely send me a message whenever you've a moment and I'll surely reply.

Nice talking to you, Miss Erika, and I look forward to our next meeting. biggrin


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