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Hi there my names robbie and im 14 going on 15 i am Canadian and not too proud of it but whatever XD i love music, the snow and rain, cookies, lolipops! and swords XDDD i believe in true love i am not the kind of guy whos full of himself i can be somwhat shy... >.< i am bisexual and proud all the haters...i got a knife with your name on it <3 ;P i sometimes enjoy to party with my friends but most of the time i like being alone i am easy to get along with i am a nice person anyone who says im not is retarded or something XD i love the dark i hate the sunlight uhhh....i have one blue eye and one green and blue eye i have fangs like a 14 years old vampire XD i am about 5'7 5'8 i am not fat! or skinny! XD and...thats it im too lazy to put anything else if you wanna know more about me and become my friend well then add me up! biggrin
Ultra Kitty Girl

this is kit kat shes amazing in every way possible and i care about her alot...without her i am nothing...shes the heart to my body..shes my everything

dark side want some cookies? ;D

good side/still dark side... either way we are all getting some cookies! :D

what what mofo! XD

you know your awesome when you touch your nipples and make a cute face at the same time! :D