hey guys how are we all??

this is not my main account but i am on here pretty often.

oh this used to be my cousins account and she liked to draw and stuff but i don't so don't get confused ok?? ok....good

so about me huh??

well i am 16 and live in australia (not as cool as it sounds)
and my town is a hole that has no water *dies of thirst*

any who i love excell saga, inuyasha,air gear, and gilgamesh.

umm i like random things but not people who say they are ramdom because they are not, they try to be, and if you try to be random your just not!

i also am into magic and stuff, but not like worship the devil sort of thing, i don't even believe in the devil or god or anthing catholic pretty much. I am am nore into natural magic.....like yea, oh and my religon is druidism(neo) yea i am not explaining it now but yeah any questions just message me!!

oh and i am an actor!!....well it is one of my hobbies but i don't want to do it as a career i would not like to depend on something i enjoy for my life but i wish to be an archeologist when i leave school!! how fun would it be??

still i g2g and stop boring you

(ps i will make it look nice later)


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gaia sux


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Nice signature. xD


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