I need friends on here I'm new.
I want a boy to call my own. </3

You can call me Amazing or Your Majesty.
Cal Ramos
Select few can call me Calvin, YOU can't, but you can call me Cal.
I come from the land down under.
Brownsville Texas.
Representin' B-Ville, YO!
If you don't know where that is...
Ni pienses en buscarlo pinches gringos.

Donate and I'll love you forever.
Make me signs and I'll sex you up.

I'm not a label.
I wear tight pants because only really hot men wear them.
I curse too much online.
Lacto Ova Vegetarian for six years already.

I enjoy the company of men too much.
Don't think just because I flirt with you that I'm interested, I might be, but who knows.
I throw around the word 'love' around a lot, don't feel special, you're not.

You owe me 18 belated birthday presents.
And soon 19 because my b-day is on December 15.
I want something good.

Talk to me nice and maybe we'll private on Stickam.