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One step closer to taking over the world!

Holy crap, I won 5th place in the Avie Arena for 2nd week of 2010! Thanks everyone who voted!

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Everytime I read your name it comes out like this

Pudding Assistant
Forum Disaster
ilu, anon.

Here's What You Hate About Me:

Wai Halo Dar

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✔ Before you start reading my About Me, please write this down: ✍ I'm a nice person, and if you think I couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel or I slept my way up the food chain, think again. One, I don't have hands, and two I've tried to take over the world 992,311 times and failed, that makes me smarter than you and more experienced! Now you can re- Wait, please put that pudding down, it's not food! .... Okay, now you can read my criminal records About Me. ✓

✖ Name:: Siria, prounounced See-ree-uh.
✖ Age:: Seventeen Eighteen! *0* I'M FCKING NINETEEN.
✖ Nationality:: I'm 100% Italian, and the cute lullaby on my profile is Italian.
✖ Joined Gaia On:: January 28th 2004.
✖ Pediatrician I want to become a pediatrician because I really like kids so I can steal kids' candy. Woo, free sweets! ✔

I live in the Site Feedback forum/SF Regs Guild, the GCD and the forums I'm assigned to.
I spend my Gaia-time reporting threads, spam and siggies, posting in SF and SF regs Guild, and replying to PMs/Comments. In a few months I will send my Moderator Application so I can help keep Gaia a clean place and steal other Mods' candy. If I'm not accepted I will keep spamming the Mods with tons of reports every day like I do now. Oops, change of plans! Sent in my Forum Assistant application! I was accepted! heart

Forum Assistant Application sent March! -Still waiting.. *-*-

Forum Assistant Application accepted on 30th/31st July 2010! ✔

Mssr Miles
You pixel maniac. xD You, my dear, are INSANE.


What is a Forum Assistant?

A Forum Assistant is someone who noms candy as s/he moves your misplaced threads to the right Forum. Forum Assistants don't assist users with ToS violations, hackings, harassment and so on.

How do I become a Forum Assistant?!

There's 10 steps, if you ignore even a single one you will have to start from scratch after all your candy is stolen and you cried for over 9,000 days.

Step 1 - 10: Report, report, and report. Then report some more. And report more. I'm not even kidding, all you need to do is REPORT and have a nice attitude in Forums. Make Moderators gasp and fill you inbox with hundreds of Thank You PMs! You will be contacted to become a Forum Assistant. But until then keep reporting to keep Gaia a wonderful community! <3

But make sure you read Forum Rules and Stickies before you start, so you know what you should and shouldn't report!

Oh mud-flavored-lollipops, someone hacked/scammed/is harassing me, what do I do?!

First of all, calm down, it's not the end of the world yet. : ) Take a deep breath (or more than one), maybe step away from the computer and relax, then come back and report it.

Report a Hacking
Report a Scamming
Report Abuse or Harassment

Nobody on Gaia or Gaia staff will ever, ever, EVER need to know your password or sensitive details. So NEVER GIVE OUR YOUR PASSWORD OR DETAILS. NEVER. Even if the person claims to be the Gaia-God or an adorable bunny.

There's also NO easy way to earn gold. You must WORK for it, don't expect donations every single day, that wouldn't make Gaia fun. : )

Guide: How to Play Booty Grab <- Best way to earn Gaia Gold! You can make even 100k in an hour!


Pixel Teddybear: AiKitsune (Me!) @ DeviantArt.
Avatar art: ThanatosRising, KaixKu, Volda, KittyRedden, hpanna47.
Background: Ransie3 @ DeviantArt.
Profile Coding: |3ulbasaur.