Once upon a time, I lived in a place far, far away from here. It was in a temperate place. We had days that were cold and icy and full of snow. We had days that we boiling to point where you could strip down completely and still be hot. That is where I live.
I was sent to work at a horrible place. Its name was in the language of my home country, but would translate to Portal to the Other World. I never believed how true that was.
One day my boss, an evil man, came to force me to do some unwanted task. I had had enough of that horrible creature, and I would do no more dirty favors for him. I decided it was time to escape. I didn't know where I was going. I just ran. I ran down the hall out out a fire escape into the forest behind, a forest said to be inhabited by evil demons that were out for your soul. I risked it. I ran into the forest. I saw something in the air. It was weird. I'm not sure how to describe it other than it was rectangular shaped and was floating there. It looked similar to heat waves. I couldn't avoid it. I was running too fast and I couldn't swerve in time. I ran right into it, right through it. Everything went black and I felt myself falling. I kept falling. I'm not sure how long I was falling. After a while I started to count the seconds. I got to somewhere in the nineties before I lost count and had to give up. I still kept falling. Then I finally hit the ground. My eyes were closed, but it felt different. I knew it was light out without opening my eyes, while it had been dark out when I had started running. The weather, it was also much different. It was hot, so hot. I could feel the sun's rays on my neck. It was late autumn when I fell through the rectangle in the forest.
I somehow gathered the strength to open up my eyes. I was in a completely different place. The plants, they all looked different, much different from the plants in the country where I was raised, where I had been a very short time earlier.
I stood up. I was standing in sand. I looked around at my surroundings hoping for some clue of where I was, but there was nothing. I had no idea where I was. I wondered if I was dreaming, and if I was where my body lay sleeping. Had the evil man caught me? Maybe he'd shot me with a tranquilizer. For all I knew I was lying in that bed at that very moment.
I stared there for a while and then I felt something, something not good, something painful. Something had latched itself onto my leg. I looked down to see this giant animal, greenish, not like anything I'd ever seen before. I screamed and tried to pull my leg free, but I couldn't do it. The animal, it started pulling me away. I couldn't hold myself back. It dragged me to a body of water, me screaming the whole time. I felt myself go under water. And as I was pulled under the water I felt something grab me. It felt human, like a human hand. I felt something going on around me, splashing. Something was going on. But I couldn't pay attention. I felt the animal lose its grip on me following by someone picking me up, taking me out of the water. I was lying in the arms of a stranger whom I could feel carrying me away. I was dazed though, too dazed to look up at this stranger's face, too dazed to see who this stranger was. I just hoped that it wasn't the evil man. I hoped for anyone but the evil man.