(A little about the real me smile
About my wishlist:
Everything labeled as questing is something I had, and lost to a hacker on my previous account.
Everything labeled as bought is something I had on my previous account, and no longer have since the account was wrongfully banned.
I hate begging, and am not going to force people to donate, though any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Not that the people who try hitting on me even bother reading a profile first, but I do feel a need to state such things.:
1. If it's not obvious already, I'm female.
2. No, I'm not remotely attracted to other women.
3. Yes, I'm single, but no, I'm not interested, or looking, or whatever other term you use for it.

Since my username is so long, feel free to just refer to me as Psy, Psycho, Mel, Sin, or PMS. Any of those, I'll likely respond to.
Let's see... I have a gutter-mind, am a hopeless romantic, and a Christian (No, I don't preach, and I do accept others' beliefs, or lack thereof.). I don't do drugs, any kind of smoking, and have a tendency to be very stubborn in my beliefs and opinions, meaning you likely won't change me, so please don't waste your time trying. Most girls do things that don't make sense to me, or annoy me, despite being one myself. I see truly respectable people as being harder and harder to find, and most people are fakes, whining brats, or people acting like wrestlers on steroids, getting angry over stupid crap. I do NOT believe intelligence is based on age, gender, race, or anything else except the effort you put into making yourself smarter. I also don't believe in there being any real excuse for someone's stupidity or lack of self control. You are what you make yourself be.

I first joined Gaia on 03/27/2005, with an account named craziperson. Around June or July of 07, I got the name of it changed to Psychopathic Melodic Sin. The first time I was hacked was in late December of that year, when a hacker snuck in and stole about twenty items. On 02/01/2008, I was hacked a second time, in which that account was being used by a hacker for password phishing, and as a result, the account got permanently banned. I made this account later the same day.

I like too many things to list here. On a social level? Yes, I'm cold to people I see no reason to respect, and joke around a lot. I actually prefer decent, slower paced conversation, but I do keep up very well with twisted, sarcastic humor.

Overall, I hate idiotic mental children, whores, whiners, and wannabes in general. You're only as stupid and pathetic as you let yourself be, and if you do let yourself be on that level, no, I'm not going to waste my time buttering up to you. I only give respect when I feel it's well deserved, and it IS based on behavior.

Je ne parle pas francais. = I don't speak french, in french.
Je vais manger votre ame. = I'll eat your soul.
No hablo espanol. = I don't speak spanish, in spanish.
Nihongo ga zenzen wakarimasen. = I don't speak any japanese, in japanese.

I still have yet to receive any. No, I don't really ask or pay for commissions, but if you're willing to do one from the kindness of your heart, that'd be lovely. smile


PMS' Journal

Just a glimpse into my little psychotic mind.




There's so many things I think I want to know, and so many others I wish I didn't know already.