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Who will I be?


I like to surprise people. It's fun to watch their faces.

I learned how to blow up a balloon on my 18th birthday.

When I'm mad I bite and scratch.

I am very pale, despite living in a place called the Sunshine State

I have a Facebook account

I like art. A lot

Reading is also a passion. My family is too poor/cheap to take trips anywhere, so I let the type take me anywhere

I'm a traditional artist.

Octopi are bitchin'

I don't sleep in the nude (most of the time ^.^).

The last time I was kissed was during nap time.

I've been called weird, many times

I'm a bit of a pessimist

I'm a really curious (nosy) person too

I can be a pain in the you-know-what

I don't like yaoi

Sorry yaoi fans, you can like it if you want to

I love the ocean. Not the beach. The ocean

Artistic nudity is beautiful, don't fear it

I started drawing in 4th grade

I've never dyed my hair

but when/if I do, I hope it's blue

I can't believe you're still reading this

I go through random phases

I love concerts and music in general

I'm counting the days till I go to art college

I'm often spontaneous

I hate talking on the phone

but what do you think they came up with texting for? (don't text and drive pleez)

I like getting shots (more than I should)

My friends are just as screwy as me

I have the ability to unintentionally hurt people. Both physically and mentally.

I'm in my sophomore year of college.

I hope to go to SCAD and get a BFA in illustration

I have a job, which I actually like.

I'd rather listen to Morgan Freeman talk about the mysteries of the cosmos than about penguins.

But honestly, penguins are cutte enough to speak for themselves

And that's all I've got to say. Why don't you figure the rest out yourself?

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By the very kind and very talented f*****t

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by Commander Rigby


You know you wanna tell me how awsome I am

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i noticed.
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uhhh... kay. make a slot room or something. i am bored.
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oh, i knew that.
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Thanks for the purchase!
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nice avi
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and i you my dear heart
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lol that obvious?

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