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ok so this is my rant/about me coulmn, ya'll got anything to say, you can grow some balls and come tell me or i can find out from some one else, which never ends very pretty.
the emo/prep/jock/goth/ganster s**t everyone says they are is bullshit!!! emos if you're gonna take the time to cut yourselves and carve s**t into your flesh then finish off the job, you think the world doesn't you here or your life is the worst thing you've ever experienced, then go with that thought, ending point "if you're concidering suicide one you're a p***y and two go ahead and do it, one less mouth to feed, one less body to transport!"
"preps" you think that just cause you have this and you have that and you wear ambocrombie and aropostle and holister that you're the s**t and people should bow before you, well here's a reality you're gonna face, no one really likes you, they act it and as long as you're being and egomanic you'll never have anyone who you can truly rely on. you'll have "friends" the kind or "friends" that will betray you the moment you turn your back. another thing, your attitudes, well, let me see how to break this gently, oh wait i can't, you're attitudes suck, they will never get you anywhere in life because while your nose is stuck up in the air you fail to see your ignorance. you think you know everything, but you don't you don't know s**t, you might possibly be book smart, however, your common sense is not there, you couldn't survive a day in the real world, if you had to do everything on your own and clean up after yourself and all the s**t you don't know how to do.
jocks, you're assholes who don't deserve to be on this earth, you're most of the time egocentric dicks who as soon as they get their girlfriends in bed they're gonna dump them, but wait,that time you got your girlfriend in bed you convinced her that protection was unnessisary and that you can't get prego the first time you every have sex so she goes along with it beacause you told her you loved her and 2 weeks later she finds out that she's knocked-up. and when she tell you that it's your kid, all you say is "it's not mine, you're a whore and it's your problem." most of you dumbasses don't even know your ********' ABCs none the less anything besides your sport of choice. and that's not to say that there isn't a decent jock out there cause i knew 1 just one, so when the rest of you grow up and understand that sports aren't all you need in life to survive on your own then i'll be here willing to talk bout unimportant happenings in the world.
goths, try smiling! that's all.
"gansters" you're herd following sheep just like the people in the catogories that i mentioned above! so, grow up, pull your pants up, stop acting like your "hard" cause you're not, you just make yourself look like a even more of a jack a** and then maybe you can get some homies that won't go behind your back and piss you off, making you have the sudden urge to go on a killing spree and in turn ruining your life!
well, now that ya'll know what my opinion on stupid people is i'm gonna say one more VITAL thing... I LOVE YOU EMILY AND ALYSSA!!! later!


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Bonjure289 Report | 11/27/2012 9:46 pm
Thanks for donating 16 Yellow Daffodils biggrin
RaWr-i-lovely Report | 02/18/2009 3:26 pm
heyyyyyyyyyy ur bakkkkkkkk hahahahaha lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
RaWr-i-lovely Report | 12/24/2008 4:34 pm
I love ur profile also i agree wit everything you said in ur "Rant"
Jenny Tals Report | 01/03/2008 4:48 pm
Oh, alright then. Hey Shelby.
demonic_shinigami Report | 11/06/2007 4:04 pm
yay the demon.teeheehee.i is special.yay