Well, about me. . lets see. . I have left this area blank for so long since I rarely look at my profile, I just decided I would fix that. .

Anyways, I am a college student at the moment, thinking about double majoring in psychology and philosophy. .

I have mostly worked in the restaurant industry for jobs, and am looking to go into better ones. . 3nodding

I cant really tell you who I am in such a small little box, I am many things. I can be a b***h, a sweetheart, kind, or mean. It really depends on what side of me you evoke at the moment that will determine my reactions. I do try to remain calmish and open minded, but we all have our, Ahem, moments. So anyways, I try to be as open minded as I can be, I try to be a good freind, understanding, kind, sharing, but when rubbed the wrong way a display to be remembered my occur. I some days am very withdrawn,and others more aflame.

On the side I run a guild on this site on the paranormal(under my guilds or just click on website link), and then naturally I do energywork in my spare time as well. I am on some other forums too, but some I go on more than others. I am not a fan of myspace really, I mostly have met assholes on there, and I dislike the general atmosophere of everyone trying to showcase themselves. Not saying gaia is better, as people can get a little obsessive with their avi's (including me, sometimes I have to just tell myself it is pixels get over it!) But I do like the shiny so much domokun

I often am misunderstood by other people, becuase I will do the things that I feel are most right for me, even if it means socially being more outcasted. I am not fully free of societal influences or anything, but I do try to stay in touch with who I am and act accordingly. I would rather be at odds with the world than with myself(although I still have self issues surely, but I do what I can when I can do something about it).

In life I am wanting good friends, and perhaps a bf if fate would be so kind *growls at fate*. Want to have a decent career that I dont hate, which is why I am thinking I may have to go to graduate school *sighs*. Just so much work to do to get where I want to be. . but I guess if we didint have things that we wanted or were striving for we perhaps wouldnt feel as much meaning when we got it.

I am willing to be freinds with almost anyone, as long as they are willing to show me the same respect I show them. I have found that this can be difficult for some, especially narcessists. I find some guys that think they can be more dominmanting with girls, and I just make it my personal mission to beat their egos down to size<--just a warning there if you are one of those.

So yah, I was saying earlier what I did with my spare time. . energywork, tarot readings, reading books, playing vidio games, hanging out with freinds, I like to watch a lot of movies too, I also draw. . I have many talents, although a lot of them are just in the beginner stage.

Anyways, I dont have a gaia wishlist, becuase I am paranoid about "wishes". . I did though have my own little um, want list I guess I will call it. . I have gotten a tone of the stuff on it. . and my freind just gave me the best present I have ever gotten. . . . So I am happy for the most part, since I have most of what I want(within reason, since to me, I dont want to spend my life questing after pixels).

right now I am somewhat desiring those cute little seal slippers. . like aww cuteness. . I always thought they looked a bit preppy which is why I am not scouring the market for deals so I can get extra gold to buy them (yes, I did end up getting them <3. A friend donated to help get me started, so that made me feel like it was possible so I went and got em heart ). . yes, I used to be a bit of a market hound as you can probably see from all the "thank you for buying" messages below (which they may disspaear below other messages one day, but they are visible now). . XD. . I made a part of my fortune off playing the market, and of course part from donating rl money O.O and then the gold ol poll whoring and posting. I may occasionally go back to playing the market or selling, idk, will see if I wnat something. . just am not going to go crazy over it. .

Please no exessive begging. . I am not made of gold, I did infact work hard for most of the s**t I have. . and I am teh greedy biatch! Ok, I am not that greedy, but a little. . I am unlikely to give up my shinies anytime soon, perhaps when I quit gaia. . I do sometimes give gifts to freinds, or hold guild contests with my extra stuffs. . And ******** I have given out hundreds of tarot readings for free, but I am not the Mother Theresea so dont beg me for s**t! Nothing annoys me more than someone pretending to be my freind to try to get items out of me.. I mean, how fake can you be? How low can you go? I know the temptation is pretty damn high, the idea of befriending someone and maybe just maybe you will be their when they divy up their goods. . but really, it is better to not waste your time, and just be freinds with whom you care for and get along well with. .

The best gift I have ever gotten on gaia came from a guy I have been freinds with for years. . I mean, we had a rocky start, used to fight a bit because we both can be a little RAWR . . .but he changed a lot, I have changed (gotten more aggressive but hey!) and all good! But I assure you, the rest of my s**t was mostly hard work. . so just work and dont try to contact people to try to guilt them into giving you s**t. . Dont make a fool out of yourself. . Have some honor, and put in your hard work into it! . . It will mean more later too, not just on gaia, but when you look over what you aquire to have known that you did work for it and didnt just get a handout. . I mean, a lot of peopel feverently hate the people whom get piles of handouts and dont work for s**t. . or those that just con others out of their hard work. . I mean, it blows. . life is hard, but we have to push on and do our best to get the things we want, without doing the things that we hate in the process. .All those riches on the outside mean nothing when inside you are a wallowing peice of s**t.

Anyways, I guess that is all I have to say about things for now. . unless I think of something and come back to edit. .but really to get an idea of how I am you would have to see me in action more and it is hard to be in action when their is nothing going on. . XD. . I am just talking to myself. . lol . . Which is why I dislike these about me blurbs but whatever. xp


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psychelapis's Journal

Um, the random thoughts that come into my head.


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Report | 01/23/2011 7:23 pm


Happy Bday! 3nodding

Report | 10/09/2010 7:24 am


cool avi

Report | 09/27/2010 6:16 pm


I finally see you online.. User Image
I checked you up on Roliana but you seemed never to be there..
How are ya??

Report | 06/14/2010 1:55 am


Haven't really had a stable source of interwebs so I thought leaving a message would work good ^_^

Report | 06/14/2010 1:54 am


Crazy crazy crazy life! Ahh the love of being! So how have you been doin? I have been having interesting fun times with peeps. Its much like living a TV show or something.

Report | 03/21/2010 11:04 am


Well I know it's not bad, but for someone to drop from 4GPA to
3.3 ... that's pretty = | lol . Well my finals is this week =]
after that i get 2 week break. So gladd~~
I hope you do get a job soon~~ : ]
I know you'd put a lot of effort into what you do ~~

Hey i didn't know you've moved to CA.
... I don't really like CA, there's so many...
individuals that are tick minded? & racist too xD
haha ...but how is it actually affecting u?
It's sweet that you've found someone again.
: ]

Hmm...well if it's not too much to bother...
If you have free time that's can you do me a little
tarrot reading concerning my love life XD hhaha?
if you have anytime that's ...

Hmm... did u like college better than high school though?
I bet you did. ^^;; i like the people a little better, but...
everyone is individually doing their own thing, I feel a little...
lonely sometime : [ like since i don't live in a dorm any of my friend lives in, whenever they go out
to places near by they don't really call to tell me. Which i see why cus I would diffinitely not waste 30 min by bus to go there while everyone
can walk there by feet in just 5 min.
hmm.. i unning out of French Vanilla Home& Linen Mist...
I should go and buy more XD soon....

Report | 03/19/2010 6:04 am


I see.... Job hunting can be really difficult. I understand that D=
i wish it was easier...if everyone was to graduate and offer a place to go...
not just wandering around applying for places going to interview and stuff.

I haven't have time to do any tarrot reading etiher -sigh-
I don't know how you manage your time in college.
My GPA kinda sucks...high school GPA was 4
and now that I'm in college...
it's like 3.3 or something :
sucks to be me. hahaha But I'll try harder next semester, I guess I didn't really adjust myself this semester....
How's ur love life ;] i'm always interested in this kind of story =] haha

ARe you staying alone? or like sharing apartment with a friend? or etc.
I was always curious.... where I would go after I've finish college.
Stay with my parent for a while until I get a job and money set up?
or.... idk haha life is difficult when you're old.

Report | 03/18/2010 6:31 am


: D Welcome to the real world~~ : D
Does it sucks? xD lol ...
My Major is Bio-Medical. . . I been sleeping at 4am for 8 straight days these week working
research paper (which I didn't finish until 2 hours after class and I literly beg the teacher to give me more time, apparently I looked zombie like enough for him to be generous and take my paper 2 hours later than the actual due late). we don't get homework too... except for math class and well english class...every paper is researched so every 10 days a paper is due so that's kinda stressing.
Grammar has been my greatest enemy in that class @_@ They take off 5 pt. for every grammar mistake so if you get more than 2 then you're dead ...getting an A there is very hard.

hmm... I would like to keep in touch with you...but i don't really have time to get on Gaia much these day...
do you check your email often or ...etc . ?

Report | 03/13/2010 10:11 pm


<3 hope you're doing ok~~ bet you're graduating soon : D
and I'm just now on my first trimester of my college year.~
It sucks. xD I hate college so much XD hahah
I wanna be back in high school :[

Report | 01/23/2010 9:16 am


Happy Birthday~!


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