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Rolepay Setting: Scifi/fantasy

Rp Type: Multi Para/Para/Semi Para

Name: Jersey Devil (JD)
Height: 7ft
Likes: Being mischievous
Dislikes: Being held captive
Abilities: Flight, Agile, tail . Hand to hand combat. Trickery,

Special: Nitro/ wild spin

Jersey Devil is a mischievous devil like creature . He is not evil per say but has no problem pulling pranks on those around him. For the most part he wont cause any harm unless you provoke or mess with him first. Most the time he is just lurking in the shadows minding his own business. He is able to fly with bat like wings and has a long devil like tail that is easily used as a weapon. He is agile and quite intelligent though is not above being tricked himself.

Other Info:

Jersey Devil is a 3D platform game released for the PlayStation. Jersey Devil, the protagonist of the game, is (hinted by his title) the Jersey Devil, although shares more characteristics to that of a bat. His primary mission is to stop Dr. Knarf, who tries to stop Jersey Devil with mutated vegetables. Jersey Devil uses his punch, jumping, and gliding abilities to defeat his enemies. In numerous areas of the game, it is necessary to collect all five letters of Knarf's name to proceed, adding a puzzle element to the gameplay.

There are six areas in the game with three levels each: two main levels, and a secret bonus level unlockable if the player's Nitro power level is high enough.

It was released in 1997 for the PlayStation One and is still a game close to my heart.

Not only do I love the game but I also very much like the cryptid Jersey Devil.




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