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Hello, I'm Jana Irish. I don't log on here as much as I did last year, but I still do visit here sometimes. So if you want to contact me, it'd be best if you don't do it in here. Anyway, since this is an 'about me' page, I won't be bothering much about announcements and more on about me. Since I'm not much good describing myself in paragraph form, I'll just give you a list detailing facts about me.

yum_puddi Facts About Me: yum_puddi

> I read a lot. So far I have read more than 300 books and I will do any means possible to make this reach 500 by the age fifteen.
> I obsess about several stuff. So far, my current obsession is the television show Game of Thrones and another one called Sherlock. The book series that Game of Thrones was adapted from is also great and I have already finished it. My thoughts? I have never known pain like the one I felt when reading the first all the Reek chapters.
> The Harry Potter series is my life. No, I don't care if it's ended already. Shut up.
> Doctor Who is also my life.
> Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch has ruined aforementioned life.
> That said, I waste time looking at pictures of those aforementioned show, characters, or actors and crying because of them.
> That said, I also have no regrets about it and feel a little bit proud of it too.
> That would probably explain why I posted it online.
> As for Forums, you could usually find me at topics in Game of Thrones and in the Lifestyle Discussion.

Also, as a closing remark, I would say this:

Jon Snow and his fabulous hair is better than you.

So, I guess this is au revoir!

I am of House Greyjoy.
We Do Not Sow.
ქἆῆᾇ ἿЛїՖ𐑿

House Greyjoy

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I am of House Greyjoy


Jon Snow is better than you.

Even his hair is better than you.




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