Now that I look at this old "about me" 5 years later, I thought I'd update this. In fact, I finished my degree, but not in Biology but Environmental Planning and Management and now work as an environmental consultant. A lot has changed since my last "log-in" to Gaia, but oddly it is enjoyable to see who I was growing up. Thank you for those of you who were active with me on this site. I will periodically log in and see how things change on this site and remind myself of who I was and still am at heart.

- Daniel

I am Dan, I am 18 and I live in New York. I love to sing, enjoy my photography and hang with friends. I am a Bio major college student wishing to be a infectious diseases diagnostics doctor. biggrin

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"I am a Gaian Angel, I rid the towns of underage cybering to keep Gaia clean from cyber tards."