About? I'm about wearing sunscreen. Yes, that's it. Wearing sunscreen. All vampires have to, don't they? And it makes your skin peel off like glue. Icky.


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You dream 'em, I build 'em: A more than slightly opinionated mirror world of me.

Hmmm....how do you use these things?

Well, the title of coarse applies. I'm planning on writing my opinions, revelations, and random thoughts of some interests. I tried to include things about myself in my profile, but this will take it a bit further. We're all mad here...


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Miss Freaky Rose

Report | 12/12/2008 12:22 pm

Miss Freaky Rose

I is on ur profile...invadin ur comments!!!


I'm looking for any of the Red and Black Joker Stuff. If any one can help, I thank you graciously!