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Name: Superman X ((From the Legion of Superheroes Cartoon.))
Alias: Kell-El, Kent Clark
Chronologically: 3 years
Appears to be 17.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Species: Clone of Superman

Time line: 41st century.

Powers and Abilities?:
The Kryptonian DNA gives him the traditional powers of vast superhuman strength, speed, invulnerability, flight, heat vision (which sometimes appears green as opposed to red), and super hearing. However he never displayed any of the other Kryptonian abilities such as super breath, freeze breath, or x-ray vision. In addition, due to the Kryptonite in his DNA, he is immune to its effects on normal Kryptonians, removing one of Superman's few weaknesses.He also has powers beyond those seen in Kryptonians on Earth; he can project a green energy beam from his hand that causes a green crystalline substance to materialize on or around an object or person and they can also act as common energy blasts, He can create an energy-based shield from the S-shield on his uniform and blade-like weapons from patches on the backs of his gloves.

Weakness: Because he's immune to Kryptonite energy, one of his biggest weaknesses is magic and Lead poisoning.


Superman X is a clone originally hailing from the 41st century. He was created by the dual-minded cybernetic entity K3NT — a play on the name Kent, the family name of the original Superman's foster parents — using DNA from the original Superman, and Kryptonite. K3NT's hope was that a being made in memory of past superheroes would be able to defeat the menace of Imperiex,

To the 21st Century:

Through out his life, Kell-El thought that his only reason to live was to fight the good fight. He was made to become the ultmiate weapon. A solider. And the Protector. After the defeat of Imperiex and going back to the 41st century, his home was now safe from threats. Having said that, Kell-El again, felt useless now that he has no purpose in life. He was raised to fight and that was the only thing he knew what to do. When K3NT had noticed that his behavior had changed since his return and that he was lonely, K3NT wanted Kell-El to live life as a regular teenage in the 21st century like Superman did. To go to school, be sociable, etc. K3NT had offered Kell-El a chance to do so, however, Kell-El didn't want to leave his only family in thought of them being in danger once again. K3NT assured him that if they were in danger, they would call. Thinking over the options, Kell-El reluctantly accepted these terms and would live life 'normally'.

Overjoyed that their son was going to live life how he should have lived it- a regular teenager- K3NT had given him the Earth name Kent Clark. Switching Clark Kent's name. They didn't want his existant and knowledge greatly notable in the 21st century for the fear of changing history.

Kell-El is now attending Metropolis High as a senior as Kent Clark and living life by himself, doing what his creators wished him to do.

((Art coming soon.))


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Witch Boy Klarion Report | 05/23/2011 2:19 pm
Witch Boy Klarion
:3 <3
Dave dot GIF Report | 05/11/2011 1:07 pm
Dave dot GIF
"Uhm..." Were she was before Gotham was of course something she couldn't tell. Her life had been all over the place. "I've always been in Gotham... For as long as I can remember." She smiled and scratched her cheek, "Pretty lame huh? I'm just one of those people who don't get lucky enough to leave their town." She glanced away and mentally scolded herself some more for sounding like such a cheasy schoolgirl. Gotham wasn't exactly the proper setting for 'cheasy hometown schoolgirls' but it was all she could come up with.
Hex Princess Report | 05/10/2011 9:02 pm
Hex Princess
((I think Gizmo would be a hoot to play,makeing him use actual swear words and be realy obnoxious XD ))
Hex Princess Report | 05/10/2011 8:17 pm
Hex Princess
((I think I've tried....I can make a decent Seemore and gizmo....mabe billy too but mammoth and kyd are just....hard DX ))
Hex Princess Report | 05/10/2011 8:07 pm
Hex Princess
((Probably,but the way I play jinx is she's more of a loner and tends to hang around with the older and more mature villans as opposed to the immature teenage ones with no big goals.))
Hex Princess Report | 05/10/2011 7:59 pm
Hex Princess
((*Poses* And she's also teh most mischiviously sexeh~ heart . 3 .

.....*Just notices that we have the same eyes but in totaly different colors* .....))
Hex Princess Report | 05/10/2011 7:52 pm
Hex Princess
((Hey,she doesen't have gymnastics skills for nothin' either lol. Even if she coulden't keep up the problem would be easily solved by her casting hexes on the things around him to her advantage.))
Hex Princess Report | 05/10/2011 7:47 pm
Hex Princess
((Hmmn....he'd still probably have a difficult time with Jinx's hexes,she knows alot more magic than led to believe ;P ))
Hex Princess Report | 05/10/2011 6:33 pm
Hex Princess
((Weakness against magic huh?
He'd definately be no match for Jinx's magic then! ))
Dave dot GIF Report | 05/10/2011 5:51 pm
Dave dot GIF
A grin spread across her face as she walked with him, "Yeah. I guess so." 'Metropolis?' She thinks to herself biting her bottom lip. 'Okay, too weird. Maybe it isn't a coincidence...' "So... What's it like in Metropolis?" Feeling slightly suspicious she glanced at him again, up and down.



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