The Gaian
- Joined October 3o, 2oo3
- Many nicknames
- Overuses emoticons, unless upset
- Loves
______Gives [sometimes] and receives [always ;D]!
___Role playing [semi-retired]
______Literacy required
______Keeps wishlist updated ;D
- Hates
___Random friend requests
___People who can't type properly
___People in general = u=
- OMG dream achieved
___Sept. 3, 2014

The Person
- Ashley
- Twenty-something
- Levels up every July 10th
- Romantically taken since 10/13/10
- University graduate as of December 2011
- Moved to the wilds of Minnesota 12/11
- Engagement on 1/3/13
- Married as of 9/13/13
- Moved back to North Carolina 7/14
- Pretty camera whore-ish sometimes
- Writer [tumblr] | [NaNoWriMo] | [Novels]
- Artist wannabe [DA]
- Loves
___Disney movies
___Roller coasters
___Some video games
______Kingdom Hearts, Persona, Zelda
___Fukuoka, Japan
______One semester study abroad participant
- Hates
___Scary movies
___The dark
- Real Into
___Animal Crossing: New Leaf
___BBC Sherlock
______Sailor Moon
______Kill la Kill
______Shingeki no Kyoujin/Attack on Titan
______Kyoukai no Kanata/Beyond the Boundary
___Doctor Who
___Persona 3
___Persona 4

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My account was unfairly banned Nov 14, 2011 and recovered Jan 19, 2012.
Thank you for understanding, Gaia.

Background art by onisuu <33
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