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Private Ryder-hey, that's me!

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Last Login: 11/19/2015 3:58 pm

Registered: 06/21/2009

Gender: Male

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A Bit About Me

Hello citizens! I am a simple member of the Barton Regulators, looking to keep all of Barton Town's people safe from any and all evil!

....well, okay, I'm more like a intern....

...but it's okay to dream, right!?

I mean, sure, they treat me like a rookie and ignore my official rank (which I swear is authentic!), and sure, the other members pick on me a lot....and make me clean their armor....and tell me to run into the flaming buildings to save cats when really there aren't cats in there to begin with-

Erm, okay, I think I'll stop talking about that, kind of bumming myself out.

I mean...I know one day, I'll make it to the top of the Regulators. I'll become the hero! Then...then maybe everyone will see me as that good guy, and not some intern/punching bag. Like, literally...a punching bag. Really hurts too.


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The Journal of A (Somewhat) Average Citizen of Barton Town

Just a few little drabbles from a proud member of the Barton Regulator's!....well, okay, more of an intern. But hey, I'll be a full member!...someday....

Fancy thingy for the bottom of things I say

"It's not about who has the biggest stick. No, it's about how they use that stick." -A Famous Person From A Far Away Place, Preferably Canada.


My (Totally not pathetic!) Ride

Meet-up and Rally


Hey there, looking for a new recruit for your guild? Well, you've come to the right man!...probably. See, we both don't know if I'll fit in right, right? So, PM me if ya think I might be a good fit, and we can talk more from there!