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i love my family
lol heart



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NeverAgainUse Report | 12/25/2010 6:05 am
Merry Christmas!!! biggrin
punk-musician Report | 02/14/2010 1:36 pm
thanks for the valentine is that true?
Aerodyn Report | 10/24/2009 8:49 pm
lol oops, i accidently submitted my reply w/ ur comment to me(it was so long i couldn't remember everything to comment back to you about xD) so my bad heh heh
Aerodyn Report | 10/24/2009 8:46 pm
i dont mind bout ur long for me..
first..u hav 3 girls in one comment...bad u..well
bout ur ex gf : if she's trying to get back w/ u..and u still hav a feeling on her..why not...but if she's seriously like ur friend then asking for ur help,maybe
its just ur feeling that she likes u still....but now the Q/ is u still like her or u do not??
bout the 2nd girl : u've been talked alot w/ her,and u said that u DID like being a friend would be better for u and her..though she likes u,,just dont
push ur self to like her
finally the last one : u r right...dont screw up their relation..she's kinda aggressive ya...i dont like the way she act

but the point is u dont hav to like someone if someones like u...if u feel someone likes u but u dont,be a friend is good..

i dont kno would my advises and comments help u with ur probs....hope it will..
btw u hav facebook account?? i do hav...

hav a better days with those girls...
lol 'bad me' XD
i don't like her further more than a friend, but just as a friend(my last ex)
yea, i guessed that(being a friend is better), i do'nt kno about her, but yea, we seem like good friend, best the wa ythat is ^^
well, this one, the one that already has a bf should kno that her bf might cheat on her already cuz...HE'S IN NORTH CAROLINA WHILE SHE'S STUCK IN MD(Maryland) i think that's pretty hard to stay like that, also, she says that she hardly sees him, like once a month most of the time, and idk why she keeps toying w/ meh(she still does T^T) and everytime she makes physical contact w/ me...i feel somewhat closer to liking her, she's very attractive, short, has a personality which i like(clowning around all the time), and she's smart, but thing is, she's got a bf(i expected her to have one, judging her appearance), but he's black and she's asian xD idk how that's matches, but a couple is a couple *shrug*
ur reight, but i don't, i don't push myself to like em, i just feel like we should be connected, but i think about it a lot...or maybe too mcuh XD, but yea, now, everything's changed, my last ex moved onto a different guy, the 2nd girl i was tlking about doesn't like me more than a friend, but the last one still has this behavior around me, she tried putting her whole body on my desk, and posing in a way.

heh, ur advices helped me out a lot, just sry about this late comment, i read it, but i couldn't have time to reply, imma get back onto gaia more frequently, i promise, but it's been hard for meh, with school and stuff.^^
and yush, i do have a facebook, just look up "Christian Moon" and u'll find a pic of an asian who's smiling w/ a thumb up ^^
i do now have better days w/ each and every one of them, as i explained x]
Aerodyn Report | 10/10/2009 5:51 pm
haha, yep i got girl probs, and man u sound so eager! like a little kid waiting to go to a party ^^ lol
well, first off, my last ex gf doesn't know what to do about guys she likes, and she goes to me for help, but thing is, she likes one of my friends, but she comes to me for help, and she starts to like ME everytime we tlk, so i don't kno whether i should get bak with her or not, and there's another girl, we tlk to each other mostly on facebook, but in school, we hardly get to see each other, and i did like her, but not so much this year, and she's very easy to predict on, she likes me, and i'm so unsure of this friend, then there's one more girl, she already has a bf, but he's in college, and when i have my period w/ her(Chinese level 2) she sits next to me and she keeps 'touching' me, like i'm her toy or something like that, i don't know if she likes me or not, but i don't want to ruin the relationship between her and her bf, so she's kinda hard to push off since she likes to touch or abuse me alot T^T, i'm like.....CORNERED...guh, um...any advice? lol(sry about this LONG comment..>_>
littleswtazn Report | 10/10/2009 10:17 am
urgh im hella pissed someone hacked me! i lost everything!
littleswtazn Report | 10/09/2009 11:10 am
i am at 2.5 years lol. u must be rich =]
sweet pea 4 Report | 10/09/2009 10:55 am
sweet pea 4
nice that i could meet u to hope to talk to you again in town or pm or profile comment or whatever
littleswtazn Report | 10/09/2009 10:05 am
hehe no problem =]
so how long you been playing gaia?
Aerodyn Report | 09/26/2009 10:48 am
ah tight, we could tlk to each other if we both get on at the same time..dang lol
what u mean by 'what's up there'? lol, holidays too, my parents make an exception on holiday CX lol


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