About Me!

How I became Princess Pickles
(A completely random story)

One day I was skipping joyfully in a field of flowers, when surprisingly, I came upon a flower. It was a pretty rainbow colored flower so I picked it up and bit off one of the petals. It tasted like a pineapple, which really confused me because I thought flowers were supposed to taste like pizza. I bit off another petal only to find that it tasted like cheddard cheese. Disappointed once more I decided to eat only one more petal. The last petal tasted like my dog Hank.

I was so outraged, I threw the flower onto the ground and it landed with a loud *thud*. The flower screamed and then morphed into a leprechaun. He looked angry as he said, "I am Mildew and you ate my lunch! You will now face my wrath!" I felt bad so I said something to chear him up. "Don't worry, I don't like bananas either." It didn't chear him up much because I don't think he spoke english.

Then the leprecaun tried to attack me so I jumped back to avoid his attack. I decided to defend myself using the dolphin technic. But soon I realized that technic only works in the water for I was just flopping on the ground like a dying fish while screaming out dolphin noises. It confused Mildew he was relentless and he tried to attack me again. This time I just pointed to the sky and screamed "Flying walrus!" He looked up and I siezed the opportunity to run. I was running as fast as I could but I didn't seem to be getting anywhere. I looked down to find myself on a tredmill. Then I looked back and saw Mildew chasing after me on his own tredmill.

It seemed we were trapped in an epic race on tredmills. Fortunately for me though I found my escape. Directly in front of my tredmill was a small hole, just big enough for me to fit through. With all my might I dove forward and into the hole. I began to plummet down from a hole in the sky. Luckily, there was a conveniently place trampoline where I was falling.

I hit the trampoline and bounce back up high into the sky. It was gonna take a while for me to stop bouncing. Soon all that bouncing gave me the urge to toss my cookies. So I pulled out my lunch box and opened it up. I grabbed my pickle flavored cookies that my mommy had packed me and I tossed them into the air.

Finally I stopped bouncing and people were gathering around me rejoicing. They were saying "Our long lost Princess of PickleLand has finally come, just as the prophets foretold." I was proclaimed Princess Pickles or PickleLand. And I lived happily ever after in pickle land!