Name: Lady Poshie
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Short Message: Salutations! I hope we get to talk to each other and hang out!
Also if you ever get a random present or gold donation, do not be alarmed!
I just like giving presents and seeing happy reactions.
I will only give if you are a friend!
I will however give cookies and food to people outside of my friend list.
You do need breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between!
Please do not friend me to get stuff. I am trying to save up gold for myself also at any moment.

+ Anything edible and sweet good for me
+ Video games with a story that can make me get on a cliff hanger when i
have to play it tomorrow
+ Hanging out
+ Gold looting (I am a merchant xp live with it)
+ To seek information about even the most silliest things!
+ Learning XP ( I am in college so why not > . > wink
+ Decorate/Arts
+ Flowers
+ Old fashion stuff like romantics, etc
+ instrumental music

Always abide by Gaiaonline rules.
TOS>> Terms of Service
rules and guidlines

Please dont spam in my profile, I would rather keep it clean as possible. If I see anything that seems wrong, I will delete it, placed you on the ignore list or worst yet; report on you and make a screenie to use it in my case.

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