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Stuffers I have on atm... XP


Stuff :D

Hai there :3 umm where to start.. I love to sing, draw, watch anime and be with my friends <3 I adore sweets and meat 8D not at the same time though LOL. Video games are also a passion! Ask me on one anytime o3o~ rescently, I've taken an odd liking to sheep with my long time love of bunnies X3 they're so cute, aren't they? haha XD

Anyway~ message me and or comment? I don't bite, I promise ;D

Meh Store of wonderful goodies!!!! :3

gaia_angelleft Hai~ c: Welcome to my store!!! gaia_angelright

My items are ALWAYS fairly priced, usually below the lowest buy price or the same.
I usually have a bunch of random stuff I find exploring the site and sometimes I find something quite valuable I do not wish to keep, so be sure to check in often! whee

If you are interested in plants, bugs, Zomg ingredients or whatever, tell me, I have lots, I just do not feel like putting them all out. Also if you want ink, but don`t have certain ingredients I`ll make it for you and then trade it to you!!!! heart [you can help by providing some of the ingredients or just the money is fine o:]

Thanks and enjoy my store! gaia_kittenstar

Your buy is much appreciated~! yum_puddi


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Comments Plox!!! ;D

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Alley-Oop-Oop Report | 07/12/2013 2:46 pm
you're welcome
Angel_Kitten_Sweetheart Report | 04/06/2012 12:36 pm
I don't normally visit stores, just the cheapest item at that time. I never have a lot of gold, so I tend to be very frugle with it. Thank you though! Interesting avie! Hehe..spikey hair?
titankronos9 Report | 02/15/2012 7:19 pm
not a problem, enjoy the gold ^^
punkyg 206 Report | 02/10/2012 5:08 pm
punkyg 206
lol thz for tellin me lolz
Lustful Toxin Report | 02/04/2012 11:42 am
Lustful Toxin
Anytime! Feel free to check out my store- Lust' Store
punkyg 206 Report | 02/03/2012 8:48 pm
punkyg 206
wat did i buy from u sweatdrop
Highgate Report | 02/03/2012 7:37 pm
yes yes I am, thanks for selling it~
Tiwilight Sparkle Report | 02/01/2012 6:25 pm
Tiwilight Sparkle
blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh
Celt05 Report | 01/21/2012 1:16 pm
You are very welcome.
Lustful Toxin Report | 01/21/2012 9:47 am
Lustful Toxin
You are very welcome. smile

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