Hello and Welcome to my profile.

The avi art you see on the profile was made by me, Along with the artwork shown in the gallery. The artwork was collage together by Phoenixbasilisk and i give many thanks to her for putting it together for me heart
Anyway the names I go by are; Artist Genie, Princess Yoshi, or even my real name (which i won't be telling you). I am 25 years old and love to draw. The artwork provided on this profile is only a few examples of the stuff I have done over the years. As you can see I like to draw fan art of the Mario series, this is because this series is my favorite one. Yoshi is my all time favorite character. and my Avi is based off of my Mario fan fic character Princess Yoshi, who is Princess of Yoshi's Island. I Also have a Mario collection and a total of 13 Yoshi plushies that I love X3 And yes even though I'm 25 i happily carry around one of my medium sized Yoshi dolls everywhere i go; Don't judge me D<
I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and still continue to draw as I continue to live. Drawing is my hobby and I plan on making it my career in life. When I get a job, I will be taking college classes to become a Cartoonist, if that doesn't happen then I will at least be able to do something in the art fields with the degree I will be getting.

I'm a very friendly person but if you get on my bad side don't be surprised at how nasty and just how much of a biatch I can be. I'm short for my age and pretty random, but people love me for my personality and spontaniousness.
I've Had a couple art shops in the past here on Gaia but they have all died; due to my procrastination, Just recently I've been holding art auctions to see how much a picture can go for which is about in the teen billions? I always gotta update as im off and on more these days
Soon I will probably be making an art shop and selling art pictures based on my auction prices.
I do not like beggars and beggars will be ignored, along with anyone who I don't know that tries to randomly add me, So if i haven't accepted your random friends request, its most likely because i don't know you. I don't just randomly draw for anybody either, nor do I lower the price so don't waste your breath asking.

Also!! I am now adding my skype name in case anyone wants to friend me or stay in touch. Princess.peach39 is my skype i have aim as well but im never on. Skype is my go to....i am always signed on...so when you add me just state who you are, and preferably that you are from gaia.

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princess_yoshi's Journal

Hey I've got lots of neat things in this journal so come look! You wanna know were the art is? head over to entry June 25, 2008



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Happy New Year
Daratum Greenleaf

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Daratum Greenleaf

I see you! ninja
Not Your 13aby

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Not Your 13aby

Thank you for buying~ yum_puddi emotion_bigheart

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I was wondering if you would be kind enough to take a look.
Knight Yoshi

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Knight Yoshi

Great username. xd
Kage Hikoshi

Report | 07/27/2014 1:31 am

Kage Hikoshi

Jed Almighty pointed me your way when I asked who did the lovely artwork in his signature.

I just wanted to say 'good work' and 'keep it up'. If you are still taking commissions then I would like to get one, if not, that's understandable. I know how draining it can be when you get a lot of requests.

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Why thank you ^^
Azuriina Elias

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Azuriina Elias

Azuriina Elias

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Azuriina Elias

Azuriina Elias

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Azuriina Elias

A wise man once said....

So. I think I'll make a better suited character for Sato. ._.

...Shut the ******** up, Sweet P is talking.


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