Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by my profile,hope you enjoy your small stop while here.
I am Alexandra and have been on Gaia.Online since April 22 2006 and been enjoying every moment. Has some very interesting users on here thankfully everything has been posative while here. I dont plan on leaving this site unless somthing drastic happened that changed my mind or kept me away from here.

More stuff about me
I'm 23, Hetrosexuall(shall always be), 5 foot 1,kind,shy, serious-ish sort of person.But I do love to have fun just normally take things serious..Just always how I've been.I'm introvert and I think a lot about stuff and not loud of a person when voicing what I think.Unless it's somthing I am seriously passionet about will I say somthing. Over all I do not like fighting with people.

Little more info on what I love:
I am a Christain so God and Jesus first and for most befor anything els!
I love pink! In case you havnt already guessed from my Avi and Profile.
I love Cats slightly bit more then dogs,love them both really,but Cats slightly bit more.
I love my family very much still live with them right now.
I love girly cute things
Love Shoujo Anime
And Hello Kitty

If you are interested to know more about me,feel free to PM me.

Credit goes all to you thank you so much!
By Kings Anointed

If we'll call, surrender all, He will save us when we fall. Surely as He created all, He will save us. From Heaven on His wings, The Creator and Lord of all Things Will come and save us... When we fall. Our Lord Jesus, The King of all, who gave himself for us. He tore down the wall, With his blood. He paid for us, by bleeding on the cross. He came to die for us, so that none should parish. With His great love, He will Wrap us securely as a glove. If we'll call, Surrender to Him all. He will catch us when we fall.


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Chibi Akito Kun

Report | 03/22/2015 11:50 am

Chibi Akito Kun

We miss you ! hope you return =]

Report | 02/02/2015 9:09 pm


I was a random profile stalker many moons ago (2010) and we talked maybe once but HELLO!

Report | 05/02/2013 6:07 pm


HAPPY BIRTHDAY :3 Hope you're well!
Crazy Straw

Report | 05/02/2013 8:26 am

Crazy Straw

Happy Birthday. ^^
Owned Kitten Tairious

Report | 10/23/2012 10:32 pm

Owned Kitten Tairious

Hey. Long time no talk hon how are you?
Mirandah Salud

Report | 09/17/2012 7:40 am

Mirandah Salud

Me too , news ??
Loco the hood

Report | 08/27/2012 10:47 pm

Loco the hood

Came to peek in and see how you were doing.
I hope things are looking up for you.

Report | 08/22/2012 12:26 am


Yes it has. And I've been pretty good. Got myself a good job, and all of that. And a Mustang! I've always wanted one ^^

Report | 08/07/2012 7:08 am


It was a look I had before. I thought I'd use it again.

Report | 08/04/2012 7:20 pm


Mew! <3
*curls up on your comfy bed*
lol! How have you been hun! I havent been on much lately smile