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I just about had everything I wanted, and then I lost it all. I don't even know why, this sucks. If anyone feels kind enough to donate something; anything, I would really appreciate it, and you for it.

I have just recently had my heart broken, and I'm not even sure if I want to even try looking for some else again. Just to get my heart torn out and shattered again. I think this time I will lock it away were no one can touch it ever again. This is what I get for letting someone in like my mom wanted me too. I never really did before because I was afraid to get hurt. And now I'm afraid that I don't even know what love really is. They have hardened my heart against it.

I love to read a good book, the only problem with that is... the book always comes to an end and then I must find another one to read. That and I'm always reading books in series that haven't been completed yet which means I have to wait for the next one to be released.

I don't watch much tv but am really good at quoting shows and movies I haven't seen in a long time, My fav movie right now is "How to Train Your Dragon" and in a very close second is "Rio." There is a long list of movies I want to see so to list them would take to long.

I like to rp also know as role playing, but I believe I'm not that good at it, if you want just pm me and I'll try. I've been at it for about a year now so I am better then when I started but not by much. ^^;

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Total Value: 875,200 Gold
[Item Information]

please help me

Item List:
Elemental Wings
Daughter of Snows
Snow White Rivet Heels
Wintry Kisses
Sparkling Reveler

Or this one

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Total Value: 1,442,885 Gold
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Please help

Item List:
Very Protective Fantasy Armor
Daughter of Snows
Very Protective Fantasy Armor
Very Protective Fantasy Armor
Legendary Mage
Legendary Mage

or this one

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Total Value: 1,595,666 Gold
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Item List:
Romance Pendant
Future Lady Soldier Gari
Fall Bride
Spring Bride
Juno's Lace

Not sure what else I am going to say here. If you want to know anything else don't be afraid to ask me. I will answer just about any question.


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Nykromantyk Report | 03/27/2015 9:05 pm
are you enjoying our new RP so far?
Nykromantyk Report | 03/27/2015 8:36 pm
how are you?
Nykromantyk Report | 03/27/2015 7:39 pm
good evening
Nykromantyk Report | 03/16/2015 9:54 pm
Nykromantyk Report | 03/02/2015 8:36 pm
I finally have a soild idea for our familair are you with the world of percy jackson?
Nykromantyk Report | 02/26/2015 8:10 am
after you pick, I'll elaborate
Nykromantyk Report | 02/24/2015 8:07 pm
the other option would've resulted in Tabby bleeding to death faster than Mel could blink and would've made her a single teenage mother of at least twins
Nykromantyk Report | 02/24/2015 7:52 pm
Mel has two choices, destroy a perfectly good pair of jeans or effectively torture the woman she loves and have her only pregnancy be a teen pregnancy

what would you pick?
Nykromantyk Report | 02/17/2015 7:57 pm
would you consider dating Tabby IRL?
Nykromantyk Report | 10/29/2014 9:37 pm
would you want Whynter as a waitress IRL?
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