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My name is Aaliyah um and age dosent matter to describe how i am i am different than most girls and in my spare time i like to get on gaia. swim, shop, Talk to friends, llisten to music, and most of the time hang with my family. What i dislike are school, homework. being on punishment, people talking about me, and boys who cheet.
My favorite colors are pink and black my favorite number is 16 and my favorite hoobies are swimming, soccor, volleyball, softball, track, and skate boarding.

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User Image Wassup Gays && Lesbians && Others! Okayy Wassup People This Is Christine Hackin My Sis Page( Real Life SIs Dudee.!} Okay What Can I Say About Herr. I Luvv Myy Big Sis Alot. Even Thoufh She Mayy Piss Me Off Alot .&&. Really Get On My Nevers && Jus Bugss. Me But WHat Can i Say. I Can Stay MAd At Her 4 To Long. ( Well Actually I Can] --> Ive Done It Before :] <-- But Yeaa I Guess We Jus Got Overr It && Went On With Ourr Lives &7 Jus HAvee FUn. So Yup Dont Make My Sister Mad Or I Will Turn Into An Angry Monkey && Yu Dont Wanna See That Happen Because Its Not A Pretty Sight To See. Shess Veryy Prettyy So Dont Yu Ever Sayy She Uglyy Or I Will Literlyy Kick Yur A s s No Joke. Mhm Yeaa Bet Yu Scaredd Now. && Oh My Goshh Did I Tell Yu We Sing. :] Yu Gotta Luv It<3 I Guess. =/ We Fuss Overr WHo Got The Worse Voise. o.O But People Tell Us We Bothh Cann SIngg I Thinkk One Dayy We SHould Have A Singg Off && Let Youtubee Tell Uss WHo WOrsee Or Better Eaither Or. Yeaa SHes Got Herr Heartt Brokenn A Coupleee Of Timess, && If I Was There 2 See Them I Could KICK THEIR A S S So Yeaa If Yu 1 Of Them Start Runin. Cause Yu Wont B A Whole Person When I Get Thru With Yu. Scared Now? I Bet Yu R. Okayy Yea Thats It For Now Imma End This Wit A Dont Mess With My Sis && We Will Be Alright. && I <3 Yu Liyahh!!!!! (:


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Vampire_Girl_4life_kill Report | 08/03/2010 9:17 pm
Copy and paste this message to ten profiles. Got that? Now, in the next 5 minutes, press the f5 button, to refresh your page. You should have a blue gift-box getting high around your screen, flying all over the place. In which, there should be an Ancient Katana, or a CoCo the Kitty Plushie.
Vampire_Girl_4life_kill Report | 07/17/2010 11:31 pm
i love your pro
EDY_ZERO Report | 01/17/2010 7:56 am
hey babe watcha up to
ANGEL OF SORROW T-T Report | 09/26/2009 12:20 pm
idk lol
ANGEL OF SORROW T-T Report | 09/26/2009 12:00 pm
lol ok
ANGEL OF SORROW T-T Report | 09/25/2009 9:31 pm
its awsome ^-^
Doctor lilibell Report | 08/28/2009 11:59 am
Doctor lilibell
send this to 10 people and press f5 and f9 at the same time and you will get 100,000!
the bane 1 2 3 Report | 08/28/2009 11:32 am
 the bane 1 2 3
jaga_yoj Report | 07/28/2009 10:45 pm
its very nice here..try to visit our place sumday..hehe
jaga_yoj Report | 07/28/2009 10:31 pm
gOsh..w're tOo far from each other..
iM from philippines..

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justin beiber


dis is my page hope yall like it commet me lol luvs yall :)

hey yall this is my best friend josh hes like a brother to me so dont mess wit him he is kool

i love justin beiber hes my man