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Last Login: 06/26/2022 9:45 pm

Location: Hyrule Castle

Birthday: 03/20/1989

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( Please message me on here if you wanna add my Discord, otherwise I'll probably delete your friend request. ^^; )

IGN: Kuieai
Server: Aurora

Nintendo Switch FC 6739-7092-3991

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About the Princess of Hyrule

Greetings Everyone!

I am a Princess Zelda cosplayer from "The Legend of Zelda" games. I am particularly more of the Ocarina of Time one, since that was my very first Zelda game I’ve played. I also cosplay a variety of other characters from Zelda, too, as well as a bit of Hyrule Warriors. My other Zelda character is Midna, which I began with once I first joined Gaia back in 2008.

I also have another role-play character that I use as well named Kuieai. I started her, as well as this character, after some time once I met the love of my life, Link. We've been together since July of 2010. heart

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My Link, and his Princess! emotion_bigheart
Together since: July 26th 2010 emotion_kirakira User Image

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stupid bicth Report | 06/21/2022 10:57 am
stupid bicth
I am honestly super impressed with your Nayru cosplay.
It's the first I've ever seen and wow, the colour choices are fire.
Wifey420 Report | 05/29/2022 12:31 pm
Thank you!
Wifey420 Report | 05/28/2022 10:04 am
Just stumbled upon your name, and I love your avi and profile! heart
Link Report | 04/29/2022 4:42 pm
*GLOMPS!* heart heart heart
Xejus De Cruor Report | 03/24/2015 9:22 pm
Xejus De Cruor
ITs good to see you again XD after all these years yea
Xejus De Cruor Report | 03/24/2015 9:16 pm
Xejus De Cruor
I notice with the other accounts blaugh
Xejus De Cruor Report | 03/24/2015 9:01 pm
Xejus De Cruor
Its fine ^_^
But yes, I used to be Ihyrule shadowlink
Xejus De Cruor Report | 03/24/2015 8:42 pm
Xejus De Cruor
Its nice to meet you XD
Someone that shares the same generation that is still on ^_^
Xejus De Cruor Report | 03/24/2015 4:47 pm
Xejus De Cruor
Ello Ello biggrin
Link Report | 12/01/2011 11:22 pm
Herp, derp, and all of the holiday cheer in the world for my loves. =3 heart

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