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Just another Sailor Moon cosplayer here! o/
I love anything Sailor Moon-related such as merch, pop vinyls, plushes, posters, and manga! I'm sure there are plenty more to add to that list!
Obviously, I have other hobbies such as reading, playing on my switch/computer, sleeping, trying new food, watching movies/series, and many more!

I used to be active around 2010-2012ish as Sailor Moon Kou/Senshi Sailor Moon and as much as I love Mamoru, I also ( and still ) support SeiyaxUsagi too!

If you play zOMG, feel free to join us and say hi! ♡

It's been years.. and a lot has changed
I hope everyone is well
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Formally Sailor Moon Kou

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heather-ranes Report | 06/30/2022 8:30 am
Cute avi heart
Star Fighter Seiya Report | 06/30/2022 1:35 am
Star Fighter Seiya
Hey Odango wink
Duskymaiden Report | 06/29/2022 8:41 pm
heart Thank you for buying the cute purple outfit I made! I hope you enjoy the items! thank you! heart
xXLadyKagomeXx Report | 06/29/2022 5:20 pm
lol that is funny! Well maybe you need to get on Youtube again and make some epic content wink and your welcome heart You know I randomly went on Gaia to collect the free Gaia coin and something overcame me to start it up again... and I had and still have many rare items to sell and make more cute cosplays lol!! Also, Gaia seems like a great marketing opportunity for art biggrin Gonna make like 20-30 finished art peices part of a kawaii line-up and maybe give it a go to sell some things 4laugh I think I need a year or something lol
xXLadyKagomeXx Report | 06/28/2022 1:05 pm
heart Also, I didn't even realize you have one of the best Sailor Moon Gaia Profiles heart heart wahmbulance
xXLadyKagomeXx Report | 06/28/2022 1:03 pm
oh no lol but the cringy ones are funny to look back and watch lol!!!! whee and thank you ... I got it at a random comic book store maybe like 13 years ago .. it's laminated wink .... oh ya if you want to follow me I'm on Instagram [I ain't no influenceer but, it has more of what I'm doing now and I like to see what my other friends are doing as well] Instagram: SpiritDragonDesign
xXLadyKagomeXx Report | 06/27/2022 9:51 pm
heart awww you are super sweet, thank you so much wink and wow you saw my Youtube before that's awesome biggrin I need to get on Youtube soon agian sweatdrop
Senshi Mizuno Report | 06/27/2022 3:01 pm
Senshi Mizuno
Also welcome back from your trip
Senshi Mizuno Report | 06/27/2022 1:19 pm
Senshi Mizuno
Aww we should plan a friends trip sometime with the girls emotion_kirakira
Hatsune_Miku_BRS Report | 06/26/2022 9:45 pm
Hehe 4laugh heart heart

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