Im a complcited girl (: but whats new ?
I guess you could say I love A challange,
Course who wouldn't if you have an awfully dull life style.
People say im spoiled,I honestly love the idea.
Hmmm Im the girl who is compleatly diffrent then i what i seem,
But beyond on that im 14 <3 and freshmannnn,
One breaking all the rules.
well toodles darlings (;
I have better things to do than bore you,
Comment me or Msg me if you wish
~xoxo Sam

Deadly angelic secret <3333

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Total Value: 17,730,076 Gold
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Clean White Tavern Wench's Skirt
Fancy White Sweet Lace Blouse
Rainbow Jubilee
Rainbow Jubilee
Lady Chimes
Rawrsaurus Plush