My name is DruAnne Asbell. I go by Brookie or brooklyn.
I am 14 years old. ! go to reed middle school.
In the 8th grade. Love to text and hang with friends most the time.
Im a sporty person. so i practically do every sport because i love to run and jump and play around.
My favorite colors are purple, baby blue, yellow, pink, and black.
I have strawberry blonde hair.
my birthday is september 26,1996.
I have brown eyes. i am pretty thin.
I love to dance and listen to music.
Like rap, hip hop, pop, r&b, a little rock, and not that in to of country.
I live in springfield, missouri.
Zip code 65803.
i have two sisters and like 5 step brothers.
I live with my dad not mom.
im not a mommas girl or daddys girl really.
if you want to mess with me i wouldnt i hate it.
When i was a little girl and my middle sister told me to do something and bossing me around my exact words were " i dont play that game go away".
My older sister always fell for it and was scared of her!!!!!!! she is 17 about to be 18 and she is childish.
I love to hear the ocean waves and the palm tress blow in the breeze it is relaxing.
THAT'S MY SPECIAL PLACE I LOVE TO BE. (beach&ocean&palm trees)