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Hey, my name's Alan. I'm 2 digits old. I'm gay. I love art. I love reading. I love school. I love drawing. I love painting. I love fencing. I love swimming. I hate the sun. I hate people who type like ******** r3tards. I hate stupid people. I love blonde hair. I love blue eyes. I love meh hunay. I love sex. I love the library. I love my teacher Mr. Imes because he's a sadistic son of a b***h who teaches at my school, with a ********' dark sense of humor I love. I love funny people. I love crazy people. I love myself. I hate it relationships. I hate commitment. I don't like the idea of marriage because it makes me feel like I am being forced into loving someone. I want to adopt a kid because there shouldn't be another me running around because that'd be CREEPY! o_o' I want a certain sumone to be mine, but that ain't gonna happen. That's it. My nicknames are Ace, Prince, and Al. smile Bai.

^ w^ ~<3

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No Hoe :D xD It's D ******** low xD lmfao

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im a homoSMEXual