Hey guys, what's up? the name's Yugi, well actually my real name is Angel but I go by Yugi because I cosplay him, anyway this is about me:

full name: Angel Alexander Sennen

Age: 26

Height" 5'8

weight: 150 (i lost weight?)

hair color: blonde bangs with jet black hair

eye color: permanently Amethyst (had them dyed, it's possible but it hurts like heck)

Tattoo(s): three actually, a full bodied Slifer the Sky Dragon on my left arm, the head on my hand, the tail on my shoulder, a tribal millennium puzzle on my right wrist, and the Eye of Wadjet with black angel wings on my lower back

fave Show: OMG! Yu-Gi-Oh! (the original thank you)

fave card: DARK MAGICIAN, hands down

strongest card(s): um the 3 Egyptian God cards

Fave Yugioh character(s): Yugi, Atem, Joey and Kaiba (and yes I am a YAOI fan)

fave shippings: Puzzleshipping, Blindshipping, Monarchshipping, Mobiumshipping

personal quote: "Duel Monsters to a normal person is just a game, but to a Duelist, it's life"