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User Imageyou + zee = two cool beans.
hey you! YEAH YOU WITH
why you in my business mannn!? hope you not going to take me away and lock me up....not that i wont like that. o//o fufufufufu since you in ma shizznets ima get it out of my way for you to gtfo of my page. C: deal? LOLOL like i care what you agree on. zee is what they call me, unless you wanna call me mr. cuddles? :D I'M A DUDE NOT A CHICK LIKE SERIOUSLY MANNN! O:< english isn't my first language so ******** off. -__-
pfftt i like leather, cuffs make-up and stuff animals. i run clubs at my school so you know, im born to be a boss! 8D i love playing the guitar >D some day i'll be a rockstar cause i got swag like that yo! me and my friends already have like a small band formed...aren't we awesome already xD cigarettes is my addiction YES I KNOW I'M DESTROYING MYSELF! but i only smoke when im pissed off or seriously stress. -__- music is what i love and will never leave. :B i rock both genders and im single but i dont do relationships over the internet, sorry babyface. ;D youll find me rolling around barton town and probably thats it. -,- mo fo dont be all over gaia mannnnn. im gangstaaa so dont mess with me! xD now gtfo of my page.

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