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im not sure of what is going on...


The Samurai Hare with a Knife VITAL HARETISTICS:

Weapons: Naginata (Curved Spear), Katana (Long Sword), Wakizashi (Short Sword), Tanto (Dagger), Fist Dagger, Samurai Armor

Height: 5' 6" with ears fully extended

Weight: 125 lbs. with carrot and armor

Favorite Holiday: Easter

Hundreds of years before sewers were even evented, Usagi Yojimbo (Rabbit Bodyguard), a skilled but masterless Samurai, wandered ancient legendary Japan. In a freakish burst of reception through Donatello's trans-dimensional portal, this medieval hare wound up thrashing his way through the Turtles' lair, kicking shell and more or less proving a few points with his Katana. Splinter recognized the ronin's skills at once as Usagi repeatedly put the Turtles on the cutting edge. Trapped in Turtle-time, Usagi Yojimbo quickly became a trusted and honorable ally in the ongoing pursuit of pizza and a Shredder-less world. ©1989 Playmates Toys


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SolemnSunshine Report | 04/02/2020 2:52 pm
gaia_kittenstar Thanks, friend! I'm never gone too long. Happy April! gaia_sakura
Arxmin Report | 02/20/2020 10:57 pm
No prob. Enjoy 😎
Black Ski Report | 11/18/2019 5:16 pm
Black Ski
Hey there! 3nodding
MitSuki_Cece Report | 07/01/2019 11:46 pm
Hello there 3nodding
Mrs. Fluffy Elizabeth Report | 06/29/2019 10:29 pm
Mrs. Fluffy Elizabeth
thx for the item emotion_kirakira
LickYouToDeath Report | 06/17/2019 12:27 am
thanks for buying please visit my store again soon
NeoAnimeKnight Report | 04/13/2019 5:23 pm
And with that, your Prayer Circle Achievement should be earned. I got it as did my others *thumbs up*
ZeoHolyKnight Report | 04/11/2019 10:26 pm
Your Nudist Colony challenge got ruined. Come here and post =D
I Pram I Report | 12/31/2017 5:27 am
I Pram I
Lots of bunnies ~
Black Ski Report | 12/18/2017 12:44 pm
Black Ski
Hey, hope you're doing okay, cat_neutral

Usagi Yojimbo